Friday, December 17, 2010

Hectic, Dramatic, Psycho~

so hey there guys, its been a month or so since i updated my blog so now about time i whip up some new updates right? Things are going well so far, passed up my final projects and i did pretty well(i think) my lecturers gave a good response to my music album cover and my rock clothing company packaging & logo and next week is my exams for another 2 subjects so cross your fingers guys!!! wish me the best of luck!! other than that i've been browsing around for a new phone since my good old friend sony decided to crash and make my life a whole lot of a mess than it already is. so thinking it over and over i've decided to buy a Blackberry next year with the salary that i get for a part time job(that i still dont have). but dreams can be reality right?? and there is no harm trying to achieve one unless your dream is a bit wacko and everyone teases around about your stupid and unreal dream like trying to grow wings and fly(unless your a psycho scientist than go ahead and try!) and xmas is coming near and i doubt i'll be getting any gifts for xmas(as usual ever since i'm 10) but i keep my hopes high for a great evening with some friends by the beach having fun! what else would you do if you dont have anything else to do on a beautiful island with white sandy beaches? for starters of course we would hang by the beach and we could also cruse along the coast line or just have a great dinner at a nice restaurant right?? oh well.. but still its a normal thing to do in the city too. hang out somewhere, go have a stroll or something than have dinner somewhere grand.(and here i go mumbling away with my thoughts) anyhow holidays are coming so i'm gonna pack up for home again. So its bye-bye KL and hello Langkawi!!! there is no where like home right??? and oh! 1 more thing i have a suprise for u guys!! there will be a bit of a change next year. is it the blog?? my FB?? my Flickr?? my other pages?? me?? my family?? college?? what??? oh well that i will leave to your own imagination and maybe u might crack the secret up. till then.

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Make Me Wanna Die

so hey... what to write up this time? well nothing really except some of the stuff that i find interesting ignore the title it has nothing to do with what i am writing up. recently the rock fashion is getting quite popular among Holywood celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Taylor Momsen and alot more and to me this is good news to those hard rockers as the fashion scene would be crowded up with rock fashion attire, but bad news is there would be alot of posers out there that would only dress up for the fashion insted of their interest in the music.well for my final assignment this semester i am required to create my own company and i have chosen to create a rockwear or rock clothing to be exact. my range of clothing would include shirts,skirts,jeans,jackets,shoes,and accessories using the rock concept. the thing is i'm still not quite sure about the brand name and the logo of the company. so i'll have to start research by now to get the results. wish me luck yea?

    so other than my final assignment, i've finished up my other recent assignments too. my photography assignment that requires me to shoot a model shoot and also an architecture shoot that requires me to shoot buildings. so for the architecture shoot i've done the shoot in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur and may i say the photos turned out to be okay for an ammeture like me. so next week would be the presentation for the assignment and my photography got on hold again after a huge misunderstanding but unfortunately for the model shoot i was not there to join in for the fun as i wasnt feeling well, all in all we did a great job and i hope our results would be awesome too. for my islamic studies i lost contact with my mate, the last few days he wanted to pass me the notes for our presentation that would be going on tomorrow but just this morning i received news that he had an accident but still i'm not quite sure if it was HIM. so i guess our presentation would be on hold till the next 2 weeks cuz it will be Hari Raya during the next class so of course we are on holiday. Well hopefully he would be ok and my flu here would get better soon cuz i just cant stand this fugly voice i have now...till the next time i write~


Ave The Strange

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

massive heartbreak but im ok :)

so hye whoever is reading this, last night was Paramores concert and as many of my friends know i am one of their biggest fans but sadly i am not one of the many fans with the time & money to be at their 1st concert in Malaysia. oh well, theres maybe next time right? & i promise my self 1 day i will meet up with them in person & tell them how much their music inspires me & changes my life. Hayley had always been my idol since i was 15, she is one of the many people in the music industry who wears anything she wants and doesnt really care what people might think about it(just my opinion, i dont really know her right?). most rock chicks might say wearing a dress or a skirt isnt cool or right but she says "its never wrong for a girl to wear skirts". like one of the lines in demi lovatos songs lala land "who says i cant wear my converse with my dress? well baby thats just me!". I am heartbroken cause i didnt go to Paramores concert, I nearly cried last night when i knew the shoe started but still i occupied my time with working on one of my friends project(who i am helping, i'm not doing it alone) where she needs to make a light or whatever stuff she had to do using recycled material. So, eventhough i'm sad for not being there for them to support them i know helping my friend is a great thing to do and that they matter to me too. Maybe by doing this good deed sacrificing their concert & saving the money my mom gives me for college studies i might end up with a miracle, who knows? i might get to meet Paramore after all! ^_^

well enough of that, just a few minutes ago i got news that a guy got killed near my apartment where i live. This place had become a HOT SPOT for crime since the day i came here, it is a nightmare and i feel restless here thinking am i safe and are my friends safe too? over the past moth there had been bag snatchers, fights(well thats normal enough), and there had been raids here too as it was also a hot spot for drug dealing and student prostitution. and last month someone abandoned a baby near the river behind our apartment and it DIED! OMG it was so scary, the police came to each house asking questions wheter we knew anything about it which of course we dont. but eventually the girl(the heartless b***h) got cought. hurm.. i cant wait to get a drivers licence and find another place to live. i hate thinking these things might happen to me too. well that is all and i think i'm gonna get over the whole Paramore thing soon. wish me luck and hopefully my search for a scholarship for my video course would end soon, it would be the most wonderful thing that had ever happen to me.until the next blog!


Ave The Strange.

Friday, October 8, 2010

to run or to hide? to be me or to be someone else?

so heres the thing. i've been silent for quite a while now & i think its about time i updated right? lately i've felt like everything & everyone has been changing and i really dont like change unless its for the better. the thing that i hate most is when people around me, who are unique and beautiful the way they truly are change the very person they are to be someone else, another A crowd wanna be. a part of society, a part of another stupid judgement system where age is a limit to everything, like "grow up cartoons are for kids!" or "stop acting like a kid your 22 for gods sake!" and "that music is just for annoying little punks", since when people cant do what they like? it so stupid how people tolerate with this stupid things. if you feel like you want to be a kid, that just be a kid! why do we have to pretend to be another puppet in society? becoming the perfect adult? can someone tell me how many people in this world grow old and cranky? alot right?? and have you ever seen happy folks growing old turning into old cranky prunes? i dont think so.. the thing is i think people should know that being the person you are is more enjoyable than being the person you WANT TO BE! no need to try, you are who you are. you dress up the way you want to not according to the magazines. you eat because want to and as much as you want to no need to diet or do all those shitty stuff that keeps your self esteem down. people need to know that when they smile and feel happy for who they are, it shows their self confidence, and it also shows that they are a risk taker not afraid to fall and climb back up again. remember the term NO PAIN,NO GAIN? thats the thing u need to hold on to for the rest of your life. hopefully i wont change. i love cartoons, i love cheewing gum, i love rock music, i love punkish attire, i love t-shirts and old stinky jeans,  i love sitting on the couch all they watching tv never giving a fuck about anything else, and i love to be with my family and friends and doing the things that i want to do when ever i want to do it! so thats about it. hope what i just said did not offend anyone just my perspective a point of view that i have on the situation right now. i hate changes that sometimes make me feel like i dont know that person anymore. i just want to be like this, ME! for the rest of my UBER AMAZING LIFE!!!

Yours Faithfully,

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 10 things u need to know about me

hye guys so heres some things that i think u guys need to know about me. i know its kinda dumb doing this but i just think that rather than not updating my blog i figured i have to do something bout it. i cant let this blog die out. so here it is 10 things u need to know bout me.

1. I dont drink milk unless its chocolate milk or soy milk.
2. I love to eat, but i find it hard to gain weight. :/
3. I dont follow trends in particular but i just tend to buy things i find beautiful to wear. :)
4. addicted to paramore and eyes set to kill. alexia and hayley are my idols in fashion.
5. My fave channel would be MTV and my fave radio station is HITZ
6. I hate my legs and teeth. and my hands are not straight.
7. I'm half english but my english is pretty bad. ;p
8. I choose my friends and i find it hard to trust people to share my feelings and secrets.
9. If i like someone everyone else would just turn into a blur. so eventhough i dont have a boyfriend at the
    time and like someone. it will take some effort or some special attraction to make me like someone else. :)
10.If i hate a person, it would be hard for me to like that certain person.

so thats about it then. those are the top 10 but there are some other stuff too.. but you'll need to find out by your selves. till next time.

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Faculty Of Creative Arts and Design

hye guys, its been forever since i've written here. been quite busy lately, i've settled in college and am busy with assignments now. things are all well and smooth, though there are a few bumps and bruises along this short way. well all in all, i never regret the choice i made in choosing the Video Animation course. its a very cool thing after all, though you have to be super creative. for this first semester all courses under creative arts and designs will be in the same class except Intro to Multimidea and Animation which is only for Creative Multimedia(CM) and Video Animation(VA) students only. eventhough this course sounds easy but really its not that easy, but the advantage we have is that we can become kids again! experimenting colours and styles in drawing, create new ideas in 2D & 3D class, researching in History of Arts, do photography in Fundamental Photography, and learn more about technology in Intro to Multimedia and Animation.

ok enough of school stuff, now lets talk about life shall we? since i've been here i find life sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. i've seen people change from good to bad,bad to good and even people who are just themselves. i'm lucky enough to have found good friends with a well upbringing. We have so much similarities and we can get along with each other. we care for each other as if we are family eventhough we just knew each other. Iyna,Fiza,Wawa and Adel are my new super best friends!! we hang out with each other and i think we will have a long lasting friendship. Other than those four i also have a few close friends at home that i consider as my second family, kash,prisha,gee,darrien are one of the few that i'm close to.

ok so i think thats about it for now. dont have anything else to write of.

Till next time!

Ave The Strange

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Strange and I Like It, Just The Way I am

so hello..hello.. viewers(or readers??) i dont really have a purpose on wirting today but i just want we had a bowling match again today (me and my friends myra,picart,syahmi,bobon,and amir) we had a blast!!! it was so much fun than the previous week. i hit alot of pins this time and sadly i broke a nail(OMG!!) hehe.. well thats so not worth the drama.. we had a good time and i know im gonna miss them alot. xpecially since i wont be seeing them for a long time.miera is off to matrix in kuala nerang,kedah. ieka got into uitm in sungai petani. and pikah,amin n picart got into uitm in perak.. hope everyone will keep in touch~ will really miss u guys like so bad!!

 now enough of the goodbyes now time for my music playlist! so the band i want you to tune is this time is the friday night boys, they are kinda popular(well you can say so). their music is the simple kind of highschool garage music?? well you can check them out on youtube or on the link fellas!! ---> :) the other person i think you would like is marit larsen! shes one of the gals grom M2M.. yeah~  remeber?? no??? if not than you s*ck! hehe.. mind my languange ;p well shes singing solo now and she is way better than her other half marion raven(sorry marion just the honest truth). and know her new single is climbing up the charts in the US and i really like that song you can try it out.. maybe it'll suit your style?? (that doesnt sound right) well the songs called "if a song could get me you" go check it out now!!

ok thats all for now i guess?? i'll write again when i have the time and idea.. till next time!!

Love You Guys,

Ave The Strange.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

i've changed alot, so now i'm turning back into the old me again.

hye guys, i know i've changed alot from when i first started this accout and i realized that i've been so bz thinking about all the things i lost, all the things i dont have, all the pain and suffering and stuff that i havent realized alot of things around me. i just realized i have the most awesome friends like ever in the history of friends! i have an amazing bionik mother! an annoying yet fun brother(i'm getting chills down my back lol), and i have the most nicest and caring boyfriend.. eventhough there are alot of people bringing me down, i now know that they are weaker than me that is why they are pushing me down. making me feel bad about my self when all along there is nothing to feel down about. i know my life is crappy, i know i aint brilliant,i know i'm not rich(thats for sure!) but i have a whole lot more and i'll make the best of it! thanks to all my friends for being there for me, through the highs and the lows. through the pain and sorrow, and is always there to cheer me up. when they're around i can never have a reason to be sad or feel mad. i'm really blessed and i really thank god. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

well i'm not just writing this blog to thank people(and god). its kinda like my diary right? so i'm gonna write about some stuff thats going on in my life :) this 17th i will be registering at SEGi university college at damansara, and i am really excited to finally be doing something rather than sit on my but!! my flight will be on the 15th and i'll be hanging out in KL for a few days before registry. if you happen to see me, just say hello or you can just ignore me cause it doesnt really matter. the thing is i'm really excited to be doing this but i'm really sad about leaving my precious island and friends. i'm gonna miss the heat(eventhough its not much different between where i'm going and where i am now), i'm gonna miss the beaches, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and the white sand, the feeling when you have sand between your toes, the place me and my friends would always lepak, small things like calling up on a friend and abruptly asking him/her to hang out or just go have a piknik or something. i'm gonna miss a whole lot of things.. wish me luck guys!!

i hope i wont forget and never ever forget my past memories, the real me, my uber fantastic friends, and my beloved family. and most of all i hope i never forget my true dreams, i dont want to be chasing something that i really dont want. pray for me and i'll always be writing more.. ^_^

Lots of Love,

Ave The Strange.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm So Sorry, But I Cant Stand This Anymore.

hye guys, sorry but this post wont be the happy me writing normal stuff that i usually do. its just that i've been through a lot lately and i think that if i dont do this now i'll just fall apart peice by piece. My life has been going down hill since early this year, sorry to let you know but since the new year i have not been very happy, my mind is never at ease i cry a lot, i cant sleep, i cant do anything or i'll just mess up! i cant even have a conversation with anyone cause i'll turn out boring and dull. i've been praying to god to just wash away all these things that keep bothering my mind, i've never been this fragile all my life. i used to be like "oh, so u hate me then thats fine. just leave then," and i dont mean this only in relationship i used to be like this even in friendship. i used to be so strong and i could just control my feelings, i could hold back my tears on anything till lately its been draining out of my eyes each and everynight. some nights if i'm lucky enough i wont cry, if theres someone there to make me think of other things i wont. i really feel like running somewhere with no one there to bother me, so i can cry and scream and yell all i want cause right now i need to protect myself so no one else would get hurt. i feel so plastic sometimes, pretending to like someone that i dont just so i wont cry at night because they make me happy. some of my friends arent even friends, they just text me or im me about whatever and i'll just laugh along because it uses up my time. So yes, i'm plastic i'm a faker, i fake my feelings. but is it wrong that i'm doing this? i feel regret in my vains. why am i doing this?? its all happening right now since the new year and i just dont want to do this anymore. i just want to smile like i used to, cry when i want to and theres always someone there to comfort me and hug me to make me feel okay. i just miss being happy, and i keep praying that this wrong step, the wrong choice/path that i've taken will lead me to happiness somehow. i dont know maybe this is all a mistake, or maybe its just a test? all i can do now is keep on going. should i keep on faking or should i just stop this nonsense now? oh god please help me..

solo quiero encontrar el verdadero amor, y quiero que él aquí conmigo ahora

pray for me guys,

Ave The Strange. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lets Battle!!!

so hye again n again.. welcome to my new blog post and our new month in this new year(yey!) well this time i'll review another few bands that you should check out first of is the talented christopher sleeps or was known as a sunset diary before changing their names. he plays an abstract kind of music and is very soothing, often collabs with other musicians and his music sounds awesome. this guy is from australia and i really think you guys should check him out

so next in line is a metal rock band from Japan known as Myproof, so this is a new band introduced to me by a friend and must i say i love them!! the music is great not really heavy and i think it is easily excepted. if you love eyes set to kill then you will love this band. i promise you, you wont regret tuning into their music. >_<

so movie of the blog(sounds wierd but oh well) is Into The Wild its an awesome movie it is based on a true story. Its about a college graduate who realized that he has been wasting his life for such a long time doing things to satisfy others who well dont really care about him they just want to use him to make themselves feel proud(parents listen up!). because he felt disgusted by these 'people' who actually lied to him all this while and feels that society sucks!(sorry for the bad language) he then runs off and becomes a tramp or more known as leather tramp because he doesnt have wheels to travel in. so after years of working and traveling and meeting new people he then decides to go into the wild to be one with nature and hoping he would be at peace there. hoping that it is way better and uncruel like the society around him. so.. if you want to know more and want to know the ending watch it yourself and hopefully it touches you the way it did with me. its a worth watch movie, really nice and it goes deep. :)

and know about me,myself and i. i've been bored lately, nothing really excites me anymore but the fact that maybe i'll be going to college soon and resume my studies.(what???) yes i'm excited that i'm going to go learn something. this is like the first time in my hollow,gloomy,sad life that i really want to learn and get off my lousy bump! hopefully it will be next month so i wont feel bored anymore. i've also started playing digimon battle, an online game that was recently launched. its an international game so you can interact with people from all over the world. its basicly the same with the digimon games on the play station, but you can catch and train digimons and battle with other trainers and there are quests that you need to complete. so yeah.. i like it but its nearly the same as other online games that i've played but with characters that i know and really liked to watch when i was a kid( not like i'm that old) so thats about it, dont wanna waste your times reading all of these stuff. bye guys!

Love You Guys A Lot! >_<

Ave The Strange.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enough Emotional Sh*t!!!

hye there, so from now onwards i'll stop writing emotional and mushy stuff i know you guys hate those stuff. so i wont write those stuff no more. so now i'm just gonna review on a few bands that i find very cool to listen to. first off is the band vertigo whales they're a contemporary band and they create soothing music, you should go have a listen they have a myspace account so you guys can check them out there or just buy them off on i tunes. :)

Another band that i like is April chase, if you love Paramore and music similar to theirs you should check out April Chase. Their music is easy going and easily excepted by most ages(expecially teens). they're still new and needs love so please do check em out and support them if you love their music, their first single is out and you can view the music video on their page on myspace or on youtube(search april chase music). April Chase-Turn It Down.

Well i think those are the bands you should check out for now, i'll update more bands soon so you can check them out! so now a movie that i think you should search and check out is "GADOH" an independant movie that showcases the racist-ism in Malaysian that we never really see. it also touches on the teaching technique used by the gavorment that doesnt really teach the students to become a thinker but really just teaches the students to memorize and become a follower. Its a really good movie but is banned because it shows too much of what the people dont agree with the goverment and how the goverment is really bias with only siding with the malays race and not really giving opportunity to the other races(which is really unfair even to me as a Malay think so). So i really think you should check it out, really makes you think of our country(how it REALLY is). so thats about it about the movie, i really dont think this movie should be banned. the goverment should just reflect on what these guys are trying to show them.

so thats about it for now. catch you guys later!


Ave The strange

Thursday, March 25, 2010

is this love?

 23 things that shows u r loved or u r in love..

1. The person that loves you never has a reason why he/she loves you. All that they care is that your the only thing in their mind and is the only one in their heart.

2. Even if you have a lover, he/she never really minds. All they care is that your happy and he/she is happy for you too.

3. The person that loves you never really cares about how you look or what you wear.They accept you for who you are and never tries to change you.

4. The person would always want to know how your day was. And would want to know everything you did the whole day.

5. The person would always send texts to you everyday such as "good night","good morning","take care" and more. eventhough you never reply but he/she keeps on sending them. its one of the ways to show that they love you just because saying the word i love you is kind of hard.

6. If you are celebrating a birthday party or any other party and didnt invite them. they would send texts or call just to wish you happy birthday(even if you didnt want to)

7. They person who loves you would always remember every event youve been through together,even the ones that you yourself wouldnt remember. because to the person that moment is precious and each time they think about it tears will form in their very hearts.

8.  They would always remeber whatever you have said. because to the person all the words that came out from you gave him/her dreams,hope or even a promise to be happy with you.

9. The person who loves you would try their best to like whatever you like. such as your fave type of music, or what style you like on a man/woman.

10. he/she would always care for you. eventhough you havent seen each other for a long time, he would always care about everything that happens to you.

11. If there is an occasion such as an exam comming up, the person would ask when the occasion is an during the day of the occasion he/she would send a text or call to wish you "good luck".

12. The person that likes you would give you something really special to him/her. because to them you are special and giving you the gift shows how special you are to them. eg. fave song, fave shirt ect.

13. they would be speachless when talking to you on the phone. just because they are nervous and dont know what to say. They're scared if they would mess up and end up looking stupid to you. they would want to look perfect in your eyes.

14. The person that loves you would always want to be near you, and would want to spend their lives next to you. even if its only as a best friend.

15. If you are moving somewhere far. they would support you, and will give you the best advise. they wouldnt want you to get hurt and would worry for you greatly.

16. The person that loves you would act more like a family member more than like a lover.

17. They would do annoying things such as calling you a dozen times a day, or texting you in the middle of the night to say i love you just because you are constantly on their mind.

18. They would always miss you, and do things that would bother you. when you tell him/her that they are bothering you they would apologize and wont repeat it ever again(maybe).

19. If you asked him/her to teach you something they would do it with care and would never feel bored teaching you(even if you are the most dumbest person in the world).

20. If you would read his/her phone mails, the inbox would be filled with your texts. and he/she still keeps old texts that you sent just because it means a lot to him/her.

21. And if you show signs of trying to avoid him/her. they would quickly understand and wont bother you ever again or they would just simply disapear from your life completely.

22. If at times you feel that you would want him/her back. they would always be there waiting for you. even if its a million years.

23.The person who loves you would never force you to love them. they would patiently wait for your love until your heart opens for them. if you would have to love another, he/she would accept your choice and would be happy for you even if his/her heart is thorned to pieces..

i've felt this once, and now i'm trying to forget(fail!!)
how bout you?

Love You Guys,

Ave the Strange.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Without Words

so we'll just skip the intro for this time, i know u guys are sick and tired of hearing hi day after day.. so today we'll just keep going with whatever i'm about to taip into this blog. i've been a slob over the past month so lately i've been going out with some friends, some of them thinks i need to start dating cause the last relationship left me in a mess and they say that i cant keep going and say no to every single boy in my life. they even wanted me to date one of my friends before, i was very close to him and he was very nice too. i quite like him too, but still i think i kinda made him feel rejected or something and we stopped talking to each other and that felt really akward to me because i'm really not the type to stop being friends and stuff like that. my friends where kinda furious about that, they said i've just missed a good guy just because i'm traumatic with my past relationship. so maybe i'll be dating again soon(maybe?) i dont know still doubtful. so to drown out all these thoughts about love, realtionship and complicated feelings i've been tuning to old tracks in my laptop. Paramore,Eyes Set To Kill, Escapen the Fate have been playing on repeat on my lappy now. i'm not such a romantic person, and i can barely say the words i love u unless i really mean it. And it seemed to be wastefull to say these things to any man right? thats why i'm not in a relationship i guess? because i havent met my soul partner? or i think so? well if i happened to miss him then i guess i'm unlucky then.

well enough bout all those, i think i've written these kind of stuff before.and this kinda reminds me about my SPM essay. it was a love story. we had to make an ending with the sentance "we've said our goodbyes,and its time we go our separate way". well i think that was what it is. and the ending was one of the lovers dying because he was really sick and stuff like that, but i promise what ever i wrote wont be crap thats for sure!
so, results are coming out this coming thursday and i am freaking out i'm so damn nervous. pray i get good results kay guys? love u guys. now im signing off.


Ave The Strange.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Right or Wrong, Results & Psycho Stalker?

so tell me what do you do when what you wanted came true but its not a good thing? do you feel bad about it? or will you feel like "at last!"? something similar to this happened to me, and when i 1st knew about it i was like smiling and was so happy and i felt like saying stuff like "yeah! in your face b*tch" or something like "serves you right, what goes around will come arounf back 2 ya". but then i felt so bad about it, about the bad thing that happened to the person and everyone close to the person. but still, i have to admit it felt really good when the thing happened. sorry i'm not telling you guys about "The Thing That Happened" but my mom told me not to tell anyone so i'll have to handle it alone i guess.

other than then secrecy of my life, i'm flippin out on myself. i really freaked out when i got hold of the dates SPM results are coming out, my hands even shaked like its freezing cold that i couldnt even read the text my friend sent me regarding the result stuff. i'm kinda nervous about my results cause i'm not that bringt(honestly) and i really messed up on a few papers because i got sick on the final papers. but oh well, its done anyway the results are already with our teachers just waiting to be processed and given out. so wish me luck on that.

recently i was also stalked and it felt really scary to be stalked. theres this guy who added me on myspace and was kinda nice to me, but then he said he liked me and stuff but i say i already had a guy(i still had a boyfriend at the time)but still he would say stuff that made me feel akward and uncomfortable to chat with him and he was acting more like a stalker person from that moment. so i blocked this guy from my myspace account but then he got hold of my facebook account(which i never knew he added me before) and started adding my dad and stuff. and he added my mom and my mom was asking me questions "is he your boyfriend?", or "do you know this guy?", "why does he keep adding me?" and i'll just answer i dont know, eventhough i deleted him from every single account he would still be lurking somewhere. and now out of no where his here in langkawi and i'm getting really annoyed, i dont like attention so much(well from people i dont know) and i;m thinking of reporting this to the cops or any authorities but its kinda off the charts right? so, if i'm killed by a psycho stalker please tell my mom about this so they could trace him(just kidding i dont think he would kill me) but still just incase ;p.

Until Next Time,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

hye guys, so been on9 now pretty mush every day. i've resigned from my last job and even though i got a new job i just didnt feel like working anymore. just want to wait for my results and continue life as it is, but still i really, really,really miss school. i miss all the teachers that kept giving us piles and piles of homework, and i miss my silly and hyper class friends, miss the Cafeteria Lady who would give priority to me because i was always nice to her. urgh.. how i really hate leaving school, the grown up life is not a place for me to live in. but still, i'm really looking forward to get into collage to study again. just cant wait to study video directing(if i get into UiTM), so what do you think? if i didnt make it to UiTM should i apply for performing arts in Sunway? its a bit expensive though. but still its worth while, my friends studying performing arts in sunway and will be continuing her studies and specializing in theater. i envy her alot, she got to study dance in jakarta and didnt have to take SPM to get to where she is now. but her dance training in jakarta was very rough though, it was like a torture hell there you have to stand up straight, the posture has to be precised or not you'll be beaten with a goong stick in the back and that doesnt feel good either. i studied dance with her before when i was about 13/14, and as i far as i've seen, the balinese dance in Malaysia are all so bad!!(sorry to say) i have seen several dances here in Malaysia and it disappointed me, so i hope she could make a difference. she has the right attitude to train people for the dance.

well enough of that, i've been blabering about the dance now. other than those stuff, i've bought a new phone its a cheap one though but its better than my old phone that needs to be tied with rubber band to work :)) such a pittyfull phone. buying the phone caused me to loose about 90% of my salary in just about an hour. than i had to use the other 10% to pay for my car license registration, and now i'm broke.

huh! that was a lot to write. catch ya guys later. i'll write again when i have the time.

Love You Guys Always xoxo,

ave the strange.

The Lovers Of The Heart

originally by suicide ally on myspace(sorry for taking it, but i did mention its yours)
when i read it, it just made sense that i had to post it so others can view it too.

The Lovers of the Heart

Article 1:

Statement of Love:
The Kiss

1.Kiss on the hand
I adore you

2. Kiss on the cheek
I just want to be friends

3. Kiss on the neck
I want you

4.Kiss on the lips
I love you

5.Kiss on the ears
I am just playing

6.Kiss anywhere else
lets not get carried away

7. Look in your eyes
kiss me

8.Playing with your hair

I can't live without you

9. Hand on your waist
I love you to much to let you go

Article 2:
The Three Steps

1. Girls:
If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him.

2. Guys
If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good.

3.Guys & Girls
Close your eyes when kissing, it is rude to

Article 3:
The Commandments

1. Thou shall not squeeze too hard.

2.Thou shall not ask for a kiss, but take one.

3.Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.

Here are a few reasons
why guys
like girls:

1. They will always smell good
even if its just shampoo

2. The way their heads always
find the right spot on our shoulder

3. How cute they look when they sleep

4. The ease in which they fit into our arms

5. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world

6. How cute they are when they eat

7. The way they take hours to get dressed
but in the end it makes it all worth while

8.Because they are always warm even when its minus 30 outside

9. The way they look good no matter what they wear

10. The way they fish for compliments even though you both know that you think
she's the most beautiful thing on this earth

11. How cute they are when they argue

12. The way her hand always finds yours

13. The way they smile

14. The way you feel when you see their name
on the call ID after you just had a big fight

15. The way she says 'lets not fight anymore'
even though you know that an hour later....

16. The way they kiss when you do something nice for them

17.The way they kiss you when you say 'I love you'

Actually ... just the way they kiss you...

19. The way they fall into your arms when they cry

20. Then the way they apologize for crying over something that silly

21. The way they hit you and expect it to hurt
22. Then the way they apologize
when it does hurt. (even though
we don't admit it)!

23. The way they say 'I miss you'

24. The way you miss them

25. The way their tears make you want to
change the world so that it doesn't hurt her anymore..... Yet regardless if you love them,
hate them, wish they would die or
know that you would die without them ... it matters not. Because once in your life,
whatever they were to the world
they become everything to you.
When you look them in the eyes,
traveling to the depths of their souls
and you say a million things without trace of
a sound, you know that your own life
is inevitable consumed within
the rhythmic beatings of her very heart.
We love them for a million reasons,
No paper would do it justice.
It is a thing not of the mind
but of the heart. A feeling. Only felt.

thats all for now. catch ya later

Yours truly,

Ave The Strange

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'll kiss my own lips

hye guys, its been a while since i wrote. been bz with life, i am now officially working(gah!! shocker!) but the salary sucks though. it isnt worth the god damn hard job i'm doing there. i need to find a better job soon. but oh well, just a thought. SPM results will be coming out this march(i think?) and i think depression era would come soon. enough about boring old life, lets talk,talk,talk about the good times.

one of the fun things about work is the people you work along with. some of the part timers in December was awesome, and others well just okey i guess(no hard feelings kay?) and now problems start cropping out when the part timers resigned and the new comers started. but the problem wasnt caused by the freshmen, it was one of the leaders who had issues to be settled with us. shes so damn bossy and think shes the queen or something, and the worst part of this lady is that she likes to trick us into believing shes a great person when she sneaks behind your back and start stealing some of your sales(one of the ways we get extra cash at work). she pissed me off bad time when i lost about 1000$, its just a matter of time she gets the taste of her own medicine. were taking this issue straight to the boss of course and want this to be settled fast. i hate these type of stuff and would like to avoid it as much as possible, but when this came to me like a punch in the face theres no other way to settle it unless it was a punch back!

so thats about it, works that much stressful. other than that i dont have any other issues to date. and one more thing just to set things straight. everything that is on my myspace,facebook,blogger and youtube page is done by myself and was not coppied anywhere. if you find anyone with the same things that i have that must be a copycat. and i am single blokes but like i said in my myspace page i am not available. some bookings have been made, and i'm taken by the heart but not by the title "YET". ;p

yours truly,

ave the strange