Saturday, March 6, 2010

Without Words

so we'll just skip the intro for this time, i know u guys are sick and tired of hearing hi day after day.. so today we'll just keep going with whatever i'm about to taip into this blog. i've been a slob over the past month so lately i've been going out with some friends, some of them thinks i need to start dating cause the last relationship left me in a mess and they say that i cant keep going and say no to every single boy in my life. they even wanted me to date one of my friends before, i was very close to him and he was very nice too. i quite like him too, but still i think i kinda made him feel rejected or something and we stopped talking to each other and that felt really akward to me because i'm really not the type to stop being friends and stuff like that. my friends where kinda furious about that, they said i've just missed a good guy just because i'm traumatic with my past relationship. so maybe i'll be dating again soon(maybe?) i dont know still doubtful. so to drown out all these thoughts about love, realtionship and complicated feelings i've been tuning to old tracks in my laptop. Paramore,Eyes Set To Kill, Escapen the Fate have been playing on repeat on my lappy now. i'm not such a romantic person, and i can barely say the words i love u unless i really mean it. And it seemed to be wastefull to say these things to any man right? thats why i'm not in a relationship i guess? because i havent met my soul partner? or i think so? well if i happened to miss him then i guess i'm unlucky then.

well enough bout all those, i think i've written these kind of stuff before.and this kinda reminds me about my SPM essay. it was a love story. we had to make an ending with the sentance "we've said our goodbyes,and its time we go our separate way". well i think that was what it is. and the ending was one of the lovers dying because he was really sick and stuff like that, but i promise what ever i wrote wont be crap thats for sure!
so, results are coming out this coming thursday and i am freaking out i'm so damn nervous. pray i get good results kay guys? love u guys. now im signing off.


Ave The Strange.