Sunday, February 7, 2010

hye guys, so been on9 now pretty mush every day. i've resigned from my last job and even though i got a new job i just didnt feel like working anymore. just want to wait for my results and continue life as it is, but still i really, really,really miss school. i miss all the teachers that kept giving us piles and piles of homework, and i miss my silly and hyper class friends, miss the Cafeteria Lady who would give priority to me because i was always nice to her. urgh.. how i really hate leaving school, the grown up life is not a place for me to live in. but still, i'm really looking forward to get into collage to study again. just cant wait to study video directing(if i get into UiTM), so what do you think? if i didnt make it to UiTM should i apply for performing arts in Sunway? its a bit expensive though. but still its worth while, my friends studying performing arts in sunway and will be continuing her studies and specializing in theater. i envy her alot, she got to study dance in jakarta and didnt have to take SPM to get to where she is now. but her dance training in jakarta was very rough though, it was like a torture hell there you have to stand up straight, the posture has to be precised or not you'll be beaten with a goong stick in the back and that doesnt feel good either. i studied dance with her before when i was about 13/14, and as i far as i've seen, the balinese dance in Malaysia are all so bad!!(sorry to say) i have seen several dances here in Malaysia and it disappointed me, so i hope she could make a difference. she has the right attitude to train people for the dance.

well enough of that, i've been blabering about the dance now. other than those stuff, i've bought a new phone its a cheap one though but its better than my old phone that needs to be tied with rubber band to work :)) such a pittyfull phone. buying the phone caused me to loose about 90% of my salary in just about an hour. than i had to use the other 10% to pay for my car license registration, and now i'm broke.

huh! that was a lot to write. catch ya guys later. i'll write again when i have the time.

Love You Guys Always xoxo,

ave the strange.

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