Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enough Emotional Sh*t!!!

hye there, so from now onwards i'll stop writing emotional and mushy stuff i know you guys hate those stuff. so i wont write those stuff no more. so now i'm just gonna review on a few bands that i find very cool to listen to. first off is the band vertigo whales they're a contemporary band and they create soothing music, you should go have a listen they have a myspace account so you guys can check them out there or just buy them off on i tunes. :)

Another band that i like is April chase, if you love Paramore and music similar to theirs you should check out April Chase. Their music is easy going and easily excepted by most ages(expecially teens). they're still new and needs love so please do check em out and support them if you love their music, their first single is out and you can view the music video on their page on myspace or on youtube(search april chase music). April Chase-Turn It Down.

Well i think those are the bands you should check out for now, i'll update more bands soon so you can check them out! so now a movie that i think you should search and check out is "GADOH" an independant movie that showcases the racist-ism in Malaysian that we never really see. it also touches on the teaching technique used by the gavorment that doesnt really teach the students to become a thinker but really just teaches the students to memorize and become a follower. Its a really good movie but is banned because it shows too much of what the people dont agree with the goverment and how the goverment is really bias with only siding with the malays race and not really giving opportunity to the other races(which is really unfair even to me as a Malay think so). So i really think you should check it out, really makes you think of our country(how it REALLY is). so thats about it about the movie, i really dont think this movie should be banned. the goverment should just reflect on what these guys are trying to show them.

so thats about it for now. catch you guys later!


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