Thursday, September 24, 2009

best movies to view this coming november

hey guys, for this blog i'm gonna write up some reviews of the trailers i've viewed for this upcoming november. some of the movies are worth watching and some are kinda crap but there are a few that stick up as the best movies of the year.

forget transformers, 2012 is the best movie this year. its effects are awesome and the way the trailer looks its a tottal box office for sure, with speculations going arround that the 21 dec 2012 is the end of the world and a new begginingfor the survivors(search for planet x/nibiru on youtube). the movie rotates around the speculation that originated from the ancient mayan calander that ended at 21st dec 2012. is it true? speculations have been spreading all over the net that there is a planet/meteor named nibiru which is the 12th planet in our solar system(the truth is still a blur) will collide with our dearly planet causing the end of earth. will the movie tell the same tails of this urban-myth? who knows.. lets check it out this november.

the other movie thats worth the view is the forth kind. the movie is about a reporter who is researching about strange abduction stuff that just doesnt make sense to me. but the movie shows that there is 4 kinds of these people. those of the 1st kind,2nd kind,third and lastly forth kind. which kind is she? and which kind are you? watch the movie and figure out yourself cuz from the trailer its totally worth your pocket money.

new moon(the twilight saga) is one of the anticipated movies since last year. the story seems good enough. there is not much to say really as i've already read the novel. the first movie was really a heartache to me and hopefully the second would be better. but fro the trailer it seems that it has got a lot more better than the last movie. lets hope our eyes wont bleed from bad production.

one of the must sees for me is the man who stares at goats. its a comedy-ish movie and is totally awesome. it tells about a reporter who is investigating about a secret military project that trains psycic soldiers(i dont care if i spell it wrong) for secret missions. and he followed one of the best psycic soldiers they have on a mission. and on the mission they embarked on a very hilarious and fun adventure.

the other movies that are kinda okey are ninja assasin and planet 51. the ninja assasin misght not be suitable for the kids but planet 51 is a great movie for a family to watch.

well this has been a long blog. will write again about more fun stuff.

Till Next Time,

Ave the strange.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RAYA da dekat..!

hye guys, ramadhan is ending and soon we'll be celebrating the aid..cant wait to go visit my friends and close realtives. its been a while since i met my cousins, they're all off in collage now. i'm the only one who's a lil bit left behind. but no worries, i'll be there soon enough. i'm actually really tired right now, its about 5.30 on the morning and i'm writing a blog? xD

my raya outfits this year will be one in black and the other a white. the black one is a jubah(kinda like the arabs wear), and the white one is the classic Nyonya Kebaya and damn the antique broach thats supposed to be worn with it was hard to find. but well i found it anyway with kind of a good deal price for something limited. well..
thats about it i dont have plenty to write now. been bussy with exams that i dont really have time to think for my self..
all i have been thinking about is the future of an upcoming band that will rock the world wuhuuu!!(prasan). well thats about it catch ya'll later!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.