Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nearly Death Xpirience & a wanna b boyfriend?

hye guys, sorry its been a while since i wrote. the last 9th march was my birthday so tghe past weeks was so bz. well, what i want to share today is what happened today & the last few days ago. a few hours ago me n my friends miera where at school for an xtra class we anttended weekly, & this week our school where having some renovation. we where going to xchange classes because the class that we where going to use had promblems with the electricity, so we had to move to another class. the class that we're moving out from was at a 3 story block, & there where renovations on the roof & suddenly a hammer fell on a roof near us so we stopped to look for what it was(thinking it was a piece of abestos) & then it skidded n fell just beside miera nearly hitting her on the head. when the "thing" fell on the ground then we where kind of in a crisis shock, IT WAS A HAMMER! & it nearly smashed my friends head & i was just beside her. the other students who where behind us screamed thinking it hit her(when it didnt) & the teacher came to see if anyone got hurt.but we where thankful that it was a nearly death expirince rahter than being dead.

enough of the dead stuff, now to some juicy & gossipy stuff. there was this guy who recently added me on myspace, & we where kinda chatting & stuff then he wanted my YM which i think is OK because we where chatting for sometime & he seemed to be a good guy. then after a few days chatting in YM & getting to know each other, & i thought of him as a very good friend because not many can get used to me. then we xchanged numbers n where texting each other. the very next day he suddenly was cursing me on YM(WTF?) yes he was! i hated that. than i asked what did i do wrong? did i say something bad or what? then he asked me why i didnt answer his question. than i asked what question. he asked me that question again(the one i didnt answer because i never knew what it was) do u have a bf? then i said yes i do. than he was cursing again n was really mad. then he asked me to delete him from ms n what not. but i didnt do it up till now cuz i didnt want to waste my 5 seconds to delete a crappy guy.

U wanna know why he was mad? he thougt that i was officially his gf..(yeah, as if!) i didnt even say or show any respond that i was interested to be his girlfriend & never even asked if he wanted to b my bf. so that was a stupid thing to happen in my precious teenage life. that was really wierd to me, the next thing i knowi might have a stalker when i'm in collage(hope thats not gonna happen)

well o think thats about it, & oh! i forgot. i got a new laptop for my birthday, it's an acer aspire an i love it. it has a webcame so, i will be making vlogs soon! yey!!! so thanks for viewing, follow if you may & i will be making a new twitter account so i will post a blog on that soon. so, take care & bubye!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

volcano disaster!

hye guys!
this has been a very "sucky" week. we had sports day, that has come & gone & now we are having an exam(yey!?) well thats all thats happening in my school tough, my life is just as wonderful. a pile of laundry in the basket that hasn't been clean 4 days.. & i'm gonna attend to it later(not important).

the worst is, since a few days ago there are a few "zits" suddenly appearing on my face & my face cream isnt really helping! its starting to look like a volcano, & that is a really big problem(is it?) well i'm gonna think 4 a cure soon. hate a red stain on a white cloth.

and a good news 4 me, the music commity are gonna have an audition soon for a band. & i'm gonna help them search some tallents in the school! (thats gonna be fun, i love being simon!) hikhik.. its tottaly gonna be like american idol. well thats all, wish me luck 4 the examination!

Ave The Strange