Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Love Story?

hahax.. dont worry just another stupid title. didnt know what title to put up. So SPM ended, for me it was on the 10th of december but still it ended right? its sad that my school years really have ended. its the only time to have real fun in life(as a kid). Dont know when i'm gonna have the same friendship,fun,hyper,joyful and unforgetable times. anyhow just wish me luck so i can get into a university or something, i wanna take up directing so hopefully i get it. i dont wanna do anything that isnt in my interest.

i have a question to you guys, how do you know if you like a person as just liking or if you really love em? its really confusing isnt it? been through this alot, made a wrong choice before and i dont want to go through it again. regret is a very stressful feeling. i really wanna be in love like in the movies(fantasy again), finding your one and true love and soulmate then live happily ever after. but of course thats a fairytale, but still i want to have my own soulmate a person that can make me happy and make me feel better when i'm sad. sometimes i'm scared that he is right there in front of me but i never notice, loosing something that precious will make me regret till death. well, thats enough love talk. i guess you guys have your own idea of how love is like and stuff.

so enough of mushy stuff, lets talk up music and stuff. lately lots of bands been adding me up, they come from all parts of the world(us,uk,germany,finland and lots more). you can check em out on my friend page on myspace, some of em play acoustic,screamo,punk-ish,emo,raggae and all sorts so if you could give a second and check em out i'm sure they'll love it. and they love to write to so you can comment with the band mates well thats about it i'll write up when i'm bored and have free time. so till next time heres ave signing out!!

Love and Kisses,

Ave The Strange.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SPM will end soon!!!

hey guys!! its been awhile since i wrote, bz with my exams as usual, but its going to end on the 10th and i'm god damn relived!! and a few days ago i got my hair cut(and i felt sad cuz alot of it was cut off it uesd to be so long). well its all for the good so my hair would seem healthier and in a more certain style than it used to be. other than that i've got news to those who are in KL and in the US. next year i'll be heading to KL(January) and will be staying for some months(have a lil work there) so maybe we could hang out! if i know u of course but it'll be great to meet new people too. and next year i'll be heading to the US(not certain which part) for my cousins wedding(YEY!!!)

i dont really have much to say other than those stuff. i'll be posting up a video later on. i know i've said it a lot of times but i dont really have the time to record and stuff, so cross our fingers hopefully i can post it up in time this time, so till next time.And oh, comment on how u hate or like my hair(i need ur honest opinions)

Love You!!

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate Me More

hye guys, wow!! i never knew how many people hated me and talk trash about me. well... thats just what people with low IQ would do.. i dont hate them, i just feel sorry for them. i guess its just the way that things go, when life gives you lemons make juice!! LOL

well enough about low IQ people, i just want to talk about me. since lots of those people out there dont really know me. well here it goes:

1. My full name as stated in my identity card is AZIZAH ROSE BINTI AMIR GUY WHITLOCK.
2. I am 17 this year and i was born on the 9th of march 1992, in a private hospital in alor setar(KMC)
3. I am sitting for SPM and am studying in SMK MAHSURI taking up Technical Science(engineering)
4. I am a second child.
5. My mom is a single mom and i have a stepmother and 3 brothers and a sister(and i'm not ashamed of that)
6. My father is pure ENGLISH(british), thats why i look different and i am good in english(big suprise!)
7. I'm into arts but am focusing on SPM(i have got offers in joining theaters and modeling but i rejected em)
8. Family and friends comes fisrt then comes my studies.
9. I'm proud to say i'm more MALAY than english.
10. I love it when people hate on me, because its just a sign that i'm just better than they expect me to be(dont be jealous love)

oh well, i think thats all the stuff that people dont really get about me, just take note that i'm not a pretty or beautiful or innocent person. i'm just normal and i just go with the flow. living a life filled with colourfull emotions. and i think its just an enjoying roller coaster ride. till next time, i'll vlog and blog up when ever i can.

Yours Sincerely,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, October 16, 2009

the rain made me cry..

hye guys, been very-very-very-bery bz lately. had so many papers to work on and so on had to study for my boring exams. well enough about school and boring stuff. lets talk about life..:))

been watching vampire diaries, its pretty bad(sorry guys) but i think the novel might be a whole lot better though, so i'll be running to the book store after the exams.. other than that i actually have a date with my gorgeous friends, but it suddenly rained and that makes me sad. cuz i walk to my friends house(we love enjoying the fresh air rather than polluting the environment with rhe cars and stuff. but we walk to places that are near only),so i'm waiting for the rain to stop so i could meet up with her and go bowling and have lunch with em. people who will be envolved in the activity today would be me(of course),Myra(screamo girl),Kila(the adventurous),Pykah(the dare devil),Ceplos(identity hidden),Bobon(cute polar bear) :)).
eventhough they're not in my class but still, they are the most awesome friends.

other than what i'm going to do today i'm gonna tell u about something new. i just broekup and fallen in love(not in a relationship kinda love, just secret :] ). i wanted to breakup with my ex cuz i just didnt think we were meant for each other, we were more like friends rather than lovers. then something unexpected happened i had a friend, he was cool and all and he was a great friend i never thought i would fall in love with him, i felt like singing LUCKY by colbie caillat and Jason Mraz. but still i kept it a secret, i dont want to mess things up. i have a great friend and i'm not gonna loose it just cause i fell in love with him. i have thought about speaking up, but what if he doesnt feel the same?,and i dont want him liking me just cause i like him! its so unnatural(i dont like fakes).

so if you guys could help me out it would be great. please comment me on your opinions.. it would mean the world to me. :)

Yours Lovingly,

Ave The Strange.

Monday, October 5, 2009

secret admirer?? + new vids will be posted on youtube :)

hye guys!!
in a very good mood lately, haha currently admiring some one..who? John from the maine!! his so cute, xpecially in their new vid INTO YOUR ARMS.. urgh, i'd love to get a peck on the cheeks from him.. :))

haha enough of stupid fantasies and fictional love. hahax.. i got my english paper yesterday and i actually got an A+ yeah!! my teacher thought my essay was interesting, haha..(and my friends thought it was funny for me to use twilight names). but still it was worth every wierd word ive written. and hopefull my SPM essay would be that good 2..

other than that, ive posted some vids on youtube which i wanted to keep secret of but recently led it wide open so everyone would watch it. and thinking about mking vlogs(like i wanted a few months ago). and we'll just see what i'm going to make. i'm just suprised that some of my friends liked my vids(which are very crappy) but still it was worth the effort though. well, thats about it. i'll post more blogs soon(even if i start making vlogs).

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

best movies to view this coming november

hey guys, for this blog i'm gonna write up some reviews of the trailers i've viewed for this upcoming november. some of the movies are worth watching and some are kinda crap but there are a few that stick up as the best movies of the year.

forget transformers, 2012 is the best movie this year. its effects are awesome and the way the trailer looks its a tottal box office for sure, with speculations going arround that the 21 dec 2012 is the end of the world and a new begginingfor the survivors(search for planet x/nibiru on youtube). the movie rotates around the speculation that originated from the ancient mayan calander that ended at 21st dec 2012. is it true? speculations have been spreading all over the net that there is a planet/meteor named nibiru which is the 12th planet in our solar system(the truth is still a blur) will collide with our dearly planet causing the end of earth. will the movie tell the same tails of this urban-myth? who knows.. lets check it out this november.

the other movie thats worth the view is the forth kind. the movie is about a reporter who is researching about strange abduction stuff that just doesnt make sense to me. but the movie shows that there is 4 kinds of these people. those of the 1st kind,2nd kind,third and lastly forth kind. which kind is she? and which kind are you? watch the movie and figure out yourself cuz from the trailer its totally worth your pocket money.

new moon(the twilight saga) is one of the anticipated movies since last year. the story seems good enough. there is not much to say really as i've already read the novel. the first movie was really a heartache to me and hopefully the second would be better. but fro the trailer it seems that it has got a lot more better than the last movie. lets hope our eyes wont bleed from bad production.

one of the must sees for me is the man who stares at goats. its a comedy-ish movie and is totally awesome. it tells about a reporter who is investigating about a secret military project that trains psycic soldiers(i dont care if i spell it wrong) for secret missions. and he followed one of the best psycic soldiers they have on a mission. and on the mission they embarked on a very hilarious and fun adventure.

the other movies that are kinda okey are ninja assasin and planet 51. the ninja assasin misght not be suitable for the kids but planet 51 is a great movie for a family to watch.

well this has been a long blog. will write again about more fun stuff.

Till Next Time,

Ave the strange.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RAYA da dekat..!

hye guys, ramadhan is ending and soon we'll be celebrating the aid..cant wait to go visit my friends and close realtives. its been a while since i met my cousins, they're all off in collage now. i'm the only one who's a lil bit left behind. but no worries, i'll be there soon enough. i'm actually really tired right now, its about 5.30 on the morning and i'm writing a blog? xD

my raya outfits this year will be one in black and the other a white. the black one is a jubah(kinda like the arabs wear), and the white one is the classic Nyonya Kebaya and damn the antique broach thats supposed to be worn with it was hard to find. but well i found it anyway with kind of a good deal price for something limited. well..
thats about it i dont have plenty to write now. been bussy with exams that i dont really have time to think for my self..
all i have been thinking about is the future of an upcoming band that will rock the world wuhuuu!!(prasan). well thats about it catch ya'll later!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tell Me Life is More Than Living.

Hye guys, its about time i wrote again.. hurm, i'm damn bored right now.. just waiting for SPM to come and go so i can live my life normally again, but then again its kinda sad to leave school right now. Theres to much happy and sad and humiliating memories there, i just cant stop laughing at it each time i remember it. well life is life, we keep on going and going and never stopping. nobody can stop us unless we are the ones who keep holding back.

well enough of that whole crap, been thinking lately. i want to cut my hair shorter(a whole lot shorter) and colour it dark red.. kinda maroon but still i love my hair now.. :(
well, i'm writing nothing now. just CRAP,CRAP,CRAP! i need a new kind of life now, please save me(hikhik)..

Ramadhan is here, so fasting season will start right about tomorow. its gonna be a good one, i can tell. :D Other than that some of my freinds been offering me to join their band as a vocalist. but i still dont know if i should join, i still think my voice is crap and i think i'll post a video here or on youtube on me singing so u guys can comment. i know there are a whole lot of YOU GUYS who are reading this but isnt a follower, keep on reading its a healty thing to do(i think) + i think those who read my blog are as ignorent to the world as i am, i dont give a damn of what people might think of me anymore i know i'm a good person and i dont need people to tell me that. and to those who hate me are just waisting my time cuz i'm still standing as strong as before(your like that too right?)

well thats enough of my blabering.. its time for me to go.. i'll write again soon( i hope)

Yours Loving,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, July 31, 2009

a whole lot of sh*t!

hye guys, its been a rough n tough week. was quite bussy with thing at school, its starting to get a whole lot like a military camp now. exams is just around the corner so its just like trial paper from here and there & i'm just getting sick looking at it, i think the next time i do a paper i'm going to throw up!!! well, its just school.. its going to be over soon which is sad(awww.. tears!) i dont like to be indipendant and all, i like to live like a kid forever! i'll get whatever i want, just ask n cry for it(haha..) but still its true, living as a kid is pretty easy there areno tax paying, figuring out how to manage your f*king bills and ect. i dont want it to end now but still life goes on and i have to move forward with it(no doubt about that!).

other than that i think i'm going to buy a new dress(hopefully). i saw this cute dress, and i think i'm going to wear it for the "Arts & Heritage" club's annual dinner next month. well its a whole month away, i might change my mind though. i think i'll be performing(yikes!!!)maybe solo or with some of my friends.. so look out if langkawi is floded, it might be our fault! ;p

other than that, i've recently heard that Megan Fox is banned on the net??? what's that all about? i dont think its a smart move, she didnt do anything wrong! she's just a star who is totally adored by millions n zillions of people from all around the world. i think they should think it over, its just a small matter and its been bombing around like its such a crisis..

well i think thats about it my fellow sweethearts..

Yours sincere,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, July 24, 2009

wah!! at last!!


i'm writing again, its been like, what? 2 months or so?? i'm getting blog sick.. :)) i miss wrinting, sometimes i think i'm going to take up english composition so i could become an author. but then i dont think Malaysian like to read, well there r some who do like to read "like me" but its not enough market to get your life up & going. so i'm just doing what i wanted, that is performing arts. people are taking notice of art now and i am very glad they are. people who are art blind are people with no heart, they dont know how to appreciate good stuff.

other than that, i'm quiete happy with my life now. i'm going to have my SPM exams in like 2-3 more moths and my stomach get all wierd like somethings wrong with it when its really fine. i dont think i'm ready to have this exam that will change the corse of wy life. god i wish they never created this bloody exam. but still just got to go with what u have.

i'm happy to say that my private life is very "okey"(i guess??) but still the school stuff gets me cranky from time to time. but after finishing the twilight saga novels i felt better. i think i learnt something good from it, everytime we go through hardship there will always be a good thing at the end of it.. like when a mother gets pregnent she goes through hardship, she has to carry her baby for 9 months and takes the risk to die when giving birth(a really rare thing to happen in this high-tech time) but still she goes through it and gets a miracle at the end, a beautiful & wonderful child. so i think my hardship now will give me a miracle at the end. no matter what religion you are, it still gives this kind of moral value(right?) never give up what you do, & something good will come from your hardwork.

well, i think i've written a long blog?? but still, i feel a great reliefe after writing this..
if your bored or have ideas send it to me.. i'm starting to write lyrics to now, so want a song written? give me your thoughts..(that sounded wierd) :))

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yuna Sings Better in English..

hye guys.. nothing to talk about really, just want to comment about YUNA, the female acoustic singer from UITM. she's a great singer but still its a shame that she only got noticed after someone sang her song 'dan sebenarnya' in akademi fantasia(AF). after the show the song later got noticed by radio stations(other than x-fresh, they have been playing her songs way longer) & TV's. but the my question now is 'do you think YUNA sings better in english or malay?'. i personally think she sings better in english & think she could go further if people start noticing her talent & not only her songs. overall she's a great singer & performer, she performed in London before(i think?) so i think she's way better than any other main stream artist we have now.

FYI to those who havent take notice of our local independent bands, you should do so. cause you'd be suprised at how good they are and how far they have gone. check out the bands out there no matter what genre & language they sing, if youd give them a chance you'll see that main stream artist's are just plain posers & are just lame. listen more to X-FRESH FM rather than ERA or HOT FM they just dont give you the right music to make you think larger.

thats about it, bye-bye..

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flu,bye2 Decoy & red hair?

hye guys,
first of all ive been real bussy and sick, so sorry about that. i'm not at school today. so i might as well just wirte a blog yeah?
i had this flu since last thursday, & it is so bad.. i cant even understand what i'm saying! my voice is all guy like. even my mom teases me about it. i cant stand it, i hate it.. but it seems to be wearing off now so hopefully i'll b in school again tommorow.

other than that, ive broken off with my decoy! haha..FYI to those who dont understand what decoy is, decoy is kinda like a bate which you use to get something of your own interest(evil isnt it?) well i'm "i'm forced into you just cause your into me". if your reading i'm so sorry i never kicked your ass fisrt before we broke off. haha.. i dont need you anyway, i only love my darling hafix!! oh.. BTW Lucky Munky will be releasing their new EP soon.. so keep in touch for when it will be released yeah?

lastly.. i'll be coloring my hair soon(red), i dont care anymore. i'm very stressed, i just want to change who i am. i want to be someone new, so you wont be looking at the same girl next time. the next time you see me, it will be a revolution.haha

lyrics self written:

forget bout' you(another color)

Still young and didn’t knew better,
We had so much fun,
Then it all was a clutter,
We fell so in love,
but I guess that’s another,
wild guess
cause we forgot each other

Don’t worry
I’m over you
I’ll just tare apart the picture of u & me
I’ll just scream the songs that we used to sing
I’ll just delete all your cmmnts n your msj
Cause I cant pretend. Cuz I’m hurted
I’ll dye my hair another color,
N forget about you..

2 seconds that’s what it took for u to say
Were done & I said okey
I was calm & steady but u never read my mind
I’m a wild chick
Just wait cuz revenge will be so much fun

Don’t worry
I’ll be just fine

Don’t look back on me
You know I wont turn around 2 you
I’ll just go my own way
The clock ticks
I’m pacing the times without you

here's 4 u decoy!

yours truly,

Ave The Strange

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nearly Death Xpirience & a wanna b boyfriend?

hye guys, sorry its been a while since i wrote. the last 9th march was my birthday so tghe past weeks was so bz. well, what i want to share today is what happened today & the last few days ago. a few hours ago me n my friends miera where at school for an xtra class we anttended weekly, & this week our school where having some renovation. we where going to xchange classes because the class that we where going to use had promblems with the electricity, so we had to move to another class. the class that we're moving out from was at a 3 story block, & there where renovations on the roof & suddenly a hammer fell on a roof near us so we stopped to look for what it was(thinking it was a piece of abestos) & then it skidded n fell just beside miera nearly hitting her on the head. when the "thing" fell on the ground then we where kind of in a crisis shock, IT WAS A HAMMER! & it nearly smashed my friends head & i was just beside her. the other students who where behind us screamed thinking it hit her(when it didnt) & the teacher came to see if anyone got hurt.but we where thankful that it was a nearly death expirince rahter than being dead.

enough of the dead stuff, now to some juicy & gossipy stuff. there was this guy who recently added me on myspace, & we where kinda chatting & stuff then he wanted my YM which i think is OK because we where chatting for sometime & he seemed to be a good guy. then after a few days chatting in YM & getting to know each other, & i thought of him as a very good friend because not many can get used to me. then we xchanged numbers n where texting each other. the very next day he suddenly was cursing me on YM(WTF?) yes he was! i hated that. than i asked what did i do wrong? did i say something bad or what? then he asked me why i didnt answer his question. than i asked what question. he asked me that question again(the one i didnt answer because i never knew what it was) do u have a bf? then i said yes i do. than he was cursing again n was really mad. then he asked me to delete him from ms n what not. but i didnt do it up till now cuz i didnt want to waste my 5 seconds to delete a crappy guy.

U wanna know why he was mad? he thougt that i was officially his gf..(yeah, as if!) i didnt even say or show any respond that i was interested to be his girlfriend & never even asked if he wanted to b my bf. so that was a stupid thing to happen in my precious teenage life. that was really wierd to me, the next thing i knowi might have a stalker when i'm in collage(hope thats not gonna happen)

well o think thats about it, & oh! i forgot. i got a new laptop for my birthday, it's an acer aspire an i love it. it has a webcame so, i will be making vlogs soon! yey!!! so thanks for viewing, follow if you may & i will be making a new twitter account so i will post a blog on that soon. so, take care & bubye!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

volcano disaster!

hye guys!
this has been a very "sucky" week. we had sports day, that has come & gone & now we are having an exam(yey!?) well thats all thats happening in my school tough, my life is just as wonderful. a pile of laundry in the basket that hasn't been clean 4 days.. & i'm gonna attend to it later(not important).

the worst is, since a few days ago there are a few "zits" suddenly appearing on my face & my face cream isnt really helping! its starting to look like a volcano, & that is a really big problem(is it?) well i'm gonna think 4 a cure soon. hate a red stain on a white cloth.

and a good news 4 me, the music commity are gonna have an audition soon for a band. & i'm gonna help them search some tallents in the school! (thats gonna be fun, i love being simon!) hikhik.. its tottaly gonna be like american idol. well thats all, wish me luck 4 the examination!

Ave The Strange

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lonely Valentine & Sports Day

today, i am going to write about UNimportant stuff that is going on in my life. what has happened is, i celebrated valentines day alone with no one by my side because my BF is too far away to come here. so he will redem his unthoughtful gesture by comming on my birthday. hopefully he does,cuz if he doesnt i'll burn his house n date his friend(hahax..just kidding ;p).i'm not gonna do those evil things, thats to unhealthy. it will be good though if i'm a vampire, i'll just suck his blood out. ok, now i'm just writing nonsense. other than that, my school is having its sports day & that means no school for 2 days(yey?). well its not that exciting, i just cant wait for the regionals cuz thats when we can have fun n party!! yeah~.

i'm sorry i havent been writing that much, i'm just busy doing these stuff:

  • homework
  • autocad projects
  • downloading new music
  • myspace
  • youtube
  • ym
  • music club
  • house work!
  • replying n answering calls from no. that i just dont know?
anyway, thats just whats happening. other than that, last night i had a nervous breakdown. i went crazy for no reason. its just that i'm so stressed out with everything that is happening know, my mom is pushing me to study 24/7, teachers not minding their own bussiness, friends thinking i dont want to be friends anymore & people who do not respect me when i respect them. overall i have been at the edge all these time, & last night i just went of the edge & fell when someone( i wont say who) has screwed up everything i worked for & my downloaded work has magically dissapered. so thats all, i wont write anymore stuff cuz its starting to get damn boring!

piece & bye2

Ave The Strange.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little This, A little that..

hye guys.. notice the picture kinda gothic, but dont worry. its just a pic, actually i wanted to hold an apple rather than an orange, but all the apples are gone so i had to make use of the oranges left over from chinese new year. i actually wanted to make it like the front cover of Twilight, but it seems i got it in another way but still i think it looks awesome.

other than that, i have been very busy with school and stuff. i had to send 2 chemistry reports, 3 note books, a zillion homework, tuisyen, another experiment & myspace. obviously when i'm not online for a little while, people will start sending me messages and comments saying i'm an "asshole" cuz i didn't reply their dumb comments, their unimportant messages n their lowsy "HIT me back!" photo comments. i'm really pissed of with these type of people, don't they have their own life?. if u want somebody to comment your picture, take good ones! moreover, people get annoyed after getting 3 of those type of picture comments, so this is a lesson and maybe one day i'll write a book on " MYSPACE for dummies" for those who don't seem to understand the word myspace, which actually means "MY" mine!!! "space "territory"!!! which is thewhole point of your own space on the web, so you can do whatever you want with it. i actually think these people who critise people that are kinda like me are NUDE cuz they are not comfortable with them selfs and need to say bad stuff to other people so they look good.. Well guys, it doesnt seem so here. so if you need to say bad words, make sure its for a good reason.

Wow! that was alot of complaining, i'm sorry but its been a frustrating week and the people in the web arent really that understanding of our way of life, that is us with a life worth living for. so thats about it then, i'll write again if i have my spare time. Love all you guys who reads my blog, even though u dont "follow" me. i hope what i write here doesnt offend any person, so till next time..BYE!

Cherish Your Life,

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Such A Stupid Thing To Forget!

hye everyone, i dont have that much to tell. but honestly, after what had happened this afternoon i knew i had to blog it!

well it was a normal day as always & today my brother would be picking me up at school. so i waited until mostly all the students left before texting him to pick me up, when he came i jumped on the motorcycle without hessitation & was ready to leave. the my brother told me to hold his cigerret while he was driving(is it called driving with motorcycles?) anyway, i hold it for him & forgot that i was wearing a school uniform, & obviously wearing a scarf to school & the cigerret was in my hand. we went through the back root( thank god!). i was kind of wondering why everyone was looking at me curiously & with a dark kind of look, i was a god damn girl with a cigerrete on my hand (WTF!) it was such a humiliating thing to me, & i know my friends are going to laugh at me(loudly).

well thats about it, i hate what happened but it was pretty funny too..

Till Next Time,

Ave The Strange

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Penang best!

hye, its me again. i'm back from penang & it has been an exausting & hyper fun holiday! me n my friend (finie) went everywhere(i think?). i got to meet with my friends there & most shocking my classmate & she sits just beside me in class! i didnt even know she was going to penang. the wierdest thing is, she went to penang cuz her cousin was getting married & i was staying at my friends house at a marine quarters, & the celebration(KENDURI) was held there. and none of us even noticed that until she called.

and while i was in penang i got to meet with my ex too. eventhough its been so long he seemed just the same, & we actually had a great time. none of us was swearing at each other it was just cool. so i'm pretty glad i went to see him too. other than that, i bought a new twilight novel which is so hard to find in Langkawi! was very happy when i bought it in QueensBay(QB).

the first day i was there, we went to hangout at my freinds working place. then went around penang. the second day we went to QB and look around so i could shop the next day. the third day was the best, i went shopping at QB, then went to Komtar, then 2 my friends school & to Padand Kota & lastly went to hangout near the sea( eventough we have alot af that in Langkawi).

well i guess thats about it, i am just blabering in this Blog, sorry bout that. but promise it'll get better next time, so bye!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hye guys, got happy news. i'm going to penang today yey!! i'm going there at 2 so when i'm there i might not be online for a while. that doesnt matter cuz i'll have a great time(that doesnt mean you guys arent fun oke?)

while i'm there i am going to hang out at my friends crib(finie a new name for u guys!) & visit my aunt(thats only a maybe ;p) i'm gonna take loads of pictures & maybe post them here, on flickr, or on myspace! oh, and BTW if u find any other account on myspace other than the e-mail ( that is not mine oke? & i dont run accounts on friendster, facebook, or high5 anymore. i only run myspace,blogger,youtube, & twitter if u find anyone else with my pic please tell me cuz i'd love to rip his/her head off!!
well enough of cursing people, now is the time i say nice things~ lalala..
i had a nice week. lots of my teachers are gone & we had a blast! :) & strangely i got along with some boys in the class which i never did(well sometimes) before. & it was a strange phenomenon, & this is a wierd word to describe it.

other than that, gong xi fa chai to all chinese & happy holidays to everyone(not in a x-mas kind of way though). hope u guys have a happy holiday!
Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Monday, January 19, 2009

yesterday:fun on da beach. today: sick! :(

hye guys, yesterday me & myra went to the beach in cenang it was so much fun considering it was only the 2 of us. we also had a chance to hang out at a "SUITE" yeay!! :D but that was just for a while, cuz the beach was our fisrt priority..

i'm sorry i'm not writing much. i'm a little sick + gastric making me a little gloomy. so sorry about that. this sickness thing happened this morning, & i cant go to school so i cant meet up with my friends.. :(
but the best thing is i watched a local TV network lastnight 'TV3' there was a music comp. for our local artist, & i am very happy that the winners are among local indie artist!! they'r supposed to be at this point a long time ago, but all our waiting was worth while anyway cuz they congrats to the winner MEET UNCLE HUSSAIN !

so thats about it for now..
i'll write again when i'm cured from this stupid state..

Yours Trully,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, January 16, 2009

a beautiful day

what i did today was, shop new clothes, a new teddy, top up-ed, n ate at McD.

well i only bought one t-shirt, it was red in color but i don't have the picture to show 4 u..
it is red with a few pictures of music stuff and materials, it is cool in a kind of way to me, so i bought it.

the teddy in the other hand as u may see up there is very cute! i love it so much! well myra spotted it at first,but i bought it cuz i just really god damn wanted it. i just love the coordination of its color & the sculls. its just rockin n rolling!

other than those stuff i only had a good time today, but on the other hand really bf didn't reply my massages making me worry about him alot, is he okay? is he sick? i dont really know, he didn't even try to contact me. i hope he does it soon, cuz i'm worried sick about him. so that's about it i guess so bubye!

Yours trully,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

busy first week

hye guys, its been a week & a crazy week to. i started my final year, had to finish a new assignment, got sick, went camping & sick again.. we'll the first week of school to me was kinda bad cuz i got sick, but everything bounced back & i got well & followed some friends to a camping trip at PULAU SINGA. it was so much fun cuz we had some bbq, camp fire on the beach, slept late & got to swin in crystal clear water! i'll post some pic's i took there..

we'll other than that, i'm gonna be a little busy & sometimes wont write any blogs. but don't worry i'll try my very best! it's my final year of school & my SPM will be coming soon enough to make my legs, i'll be having lots of tuition & lots of breakdowns this year & it'll be such a drama year 4 me..

after school i'm hoping to get into any art school, but i really want to get in to LIM KOK WING university. i really want to study there, its really cool plus the location is strategic to me. i'll be wanting to take performing arts there, & maybe one day will be performing in teather. so wish me luck guys! may i get good grades in my SPM.

Yours sincere,

Ave The Strange

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry Forgot to Post for New Year!

hye guys, its 2nd day of the new year. & i must say this years new year was the most havoc ever.

at first it started boring when we went to Dataran Lang to have a celebration, but there wasn't any not even music(say what???) yea, i know that stinks alot. this is Langkawi for crying out loud, u must have some celebration. so we hanged at a cafe nearby then decided to leave for cenang beach and meet up with friends there. we hang out at a raggae bar which held a gig(kind of) with raggae music, & there where drunk people & partying it was so damn hot. i loved it, we where all dancing and singing can check out the celebration at my youtube at or just search Langkawi New Year 2009, & it is tottaly awesome.

they even had a camp fire, & when it struck 12 there where fireworks & lanterns are released for the people who died in the tsunami. it was fantastic & beautiful..

so thats about it, we'll meet again soon..

Yours Trully,

Ave The Strange