Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Penang best!

hye, its me again. i'm back from penang & it has been an exausting & hyper fun holiday! me n my friend (finie) went everywhere(i think?). i got to meet with my friends there & most shocking my classmate & she sits just beside me in class! i didnt even know she was going to penang. the wierdest thing is, she went to penang cuz her cousin was getting married & i was staying at my friends house at a marine quarters, & the celebration(KENDURI) was held there. and none of us even noticed that until she called.

and while i was in penang i got to meet with my ex too. eventhough its been so long he seemed just the same, & we actually had a great time. none of us was swearing at each other it was just cool. so i'm pretty glad i went to see him too. other than that, i bought a new twilight novel which is so hard to find in Langkawi! was very happy when i bought it in QueensBay(QB).

the first day i was there, we went to hangout at my freinds working place. then went around penang. the second day we went to QB and look around so i could shop the next day. the third day was the best, i went shopping at QB, then went to Komtar, then 2 my friends school & to Padand Kota & lastly went to hangout near the sea( eventough we have alot af that in Langkawi).

well i guess thats about it, i am just blabering in this Blog, sorry bout that. but promise it'll get better next time, so bye!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hye guys, got happy news. i'm going to penang today yey!! i'm going there at 2 so when i'm there i might not be online for a while. that doesnt matter cuz i'll have a great time(that doesnt mean you guys arent fun oke?)

while i'm there i am going to hang out at my friends crib(finie a new name for u guys!) & visit my aunt(thats only a maybe ;p) i'm gonna take loads of pictures & maybe post them here, on flickr, or on myspace! oh, and BTW if u find any other account on myspace other than the e-mail ( that is not mine oke? & i dont run accounts on friendster, facebook, or high5 anymore. i only run myspace,blogger,youtube, & twitter if u find anyone else with my pic please tell me cuz i'd love to rip his/her head off!!
well enough of cursing people, now is the time i say nice things~ lalala..
i had a nice week. lots of my teachers are gone & we had a blast! :) & strangely i got along with some boys in the class which i never did(well sometimes) before. & it was a strange phenomenon, & this is a wierd word to describe it.

other than that, gong xi fa chai to all chinese & happy holidays to everyone(not in a x-mas kind of way though). hope u guys have a happy holiday!
Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

Monday, January 19, 2009

yesterday:fun on da beach. today: sick! :(

hye guys, yesterday me & myra went to the beach in cenang it was so much fun considering it was only the 2 of us. we also had a chance to hang out at a "SUITE" yeay!! :D but that was just for a while, cuz the beach was our fisrt priority..

i'm sorry i'm not writing much. i'm a little sick + gastric making me a little gloomy. so sorry about that. this sickness thing happened this morning, & i cant go to school so i cant meet up with my friends.. :(
but the best thing is i watched a local TV network lastnight 'TV3' there was a music comp. for our local artist, & i am very happy that the winners are among local indie artist!! they'r supposed to be at this point a long time ago, but all our waiting was worth while anyway cuz they congrats to the winner MEET UNCLE HUSSAIN !

so thats about it for now..
i'll write again when i'm cured from this stupid state..

Yours Trully,

Ave The Strange.

Friday, January 16, 2009

a beautiful day

what i did today was, shop new clothes, a new teddy, top up-ed, n ate at McD.

well i only bought one t-shirt, it was red in color but i don't have the picture to show 4 u..
it is red with a few pictures of music stuff and materials, it is cool in a kind of way to me, so i bought it.

the teddy in the other hand as u may see up there is very cute! i love it so much! well myra spotted it at first,but i bought it cuz i just really god damn wanted it. i just love the coordination of its color & the sculls. its just rockin n rolling!

other than those stuff i only had a good time today, but on the other hand really bf didn't reply my massages making me worry about him alot, is he okay? is he sick? i dont really know, he didn't even try to contact me. i hope he does it soon, cuz i'm worried sick about him. so that's about it i guess so bubye!

Yours trully,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

busy first week

hye guys, its been a week & a crazy week to. i started my final year, had to finish a new assignment, got sick, went camping & sick again.. we'll the first week of school to me was kinda bad cuz i got sick, but everything bounced back & i got well & followed some friends to a camping trip at PULAU SINGA. it was so much fun cuz we had some bbq, camp fire on the beach, slept late & got to swin in crystal clear water! i'll post some pic's i took there..

we'll other than that, i'm gonna be a little busy & sometimes wont write any blogs. but don't worry i'll try my very best! it's my final year of school & my SPM will be coming soon enough to make my legs, i'll be having lots of tuition & lots of breakdowns this year & it'll be such a drama year 4 me..

after school i'm hoping to get into any art school, but i really want to get in to LIM KOK WING university. i really want to study there, its really cool plus the location is strategic to me. i'll be wanting to take performing arts there, & maybe one day will be performing in teather. so wish me luck guys! may i get good grades in my SPM.

Yours sincere,

Ave The Strange

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry Forgot to Post for New Year!

hye guys, its 2nd day of the new year. & i must say this years new year was the most havoc ever.

at first it started boring when we went to Dataran Lang to have a celebration, but there wasn't any not even music(say what???) yea, i know that stinks alot. this is Langkawi for crying out loud, u must have some celebration. so we hanged at a cafe nearby then decided to leave for cenang beach and meet up with friends there. we hang out at a raggae bar which held a gig(kind of) with raggae music, & there where drunk people & partying it was so damn hot. i loved it, we where all dancing and singing can check out the celebration at my youtube at or just search Langkawi New Year 2009, & it is tottaly awesome.

they even had a camp fire, & when it struck 12 there where fireworks & lanterns are released for the people who died in the tsunami. it was fantastic & beautiful..

so thats about it, we'll meet again soon..

Yours Trully,

Ave The Strange