Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Make Me Wanna Die

so hey... what to write up this time? well nothing really except some of the stuff that i find interesting ignore the title it has nothing to do with what i am writing up. recently the rock fashion is getting quite popular among Holywood celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Taylor Momsen and alot more and to me this is good news to those hard rockers as the fashion scene would be crowded up with rock fashion attire, but bad news is there would be alot of posers out there that would only dress up for the fashion insted of their interest in the music.well for my final assignment this semester i am required to create my own company and i have chosen to create a rockwear or rock clothing to be exact. my range of clothing would include shirts,skirts,jeans,jackets,shoes,and accessories using the rock concept. the thing is i'm still not quite sure about the brand name and the logo of the company. so i'll have to start research by now to get the results. wish me luck yea?

    so other than my final assignment, i've finished up my other recent assignments too. my photography assignment that requires me to shoot a model shoot and also an architecture shoot that requires me to shoot buildings. so for the architecture shoot i've done the shoot in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur and may i say the photos turned out to be okay for an ammeture like me. so next week would be the presentation for the assignment and my photography got on hold again after a huge misunderstanding but unfortunately for the model shoot i was not there to join in for the fun as i wasnt feeling well, all in all we did a great job and i hope our results would be awesome too. for my islamic studies i lost contact with my mate, the last few days he wanted to pass me the notes for our presentation that would be going on tomorrow but just this morning i received news that he had an accident but still i'm not quite sure if it was HIM. so i guess our presentation would be on hold till the next 2 weeks cuz it will be Hari Raya during the next class so of course we are on holiday. Well hopefully he would be ok and my flu here would get better soon cuz i just cant stand this fugly voice i have now...till the next time i write~


Ave The Strange

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