Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry Forgot to Post for New Year!

hye guys, its 2nd day of the new year. & i must say this years new year was the most havoc ever.

at first it started boring when we went to Dataran Lang to have a celebration, but there wasn't any not even music(say what???) yea, i know that stinks alot. this is Langkawi for crying out loud, u must have some celebration. so we hanged at a cafe nearby then decided to leave for cenang beach and meet up with friends there. we hang out at a raggae bar which held a gig(kind of) with raggae music, & there where drunk people & partying it was so damn hot. i loved it, we where all dancing and singing can check out the celebration at my youtube at or just search Langkawi New Year 2009, & it is tottaly awesome.

they even had a camp fire, & when it struck 12 there where fireworks & lanterns are released for the people who died in the tsunami. it was fantastic & beautiful..

so thats about it, we'll meet again soon..

Yours Trully,

Ave The Strange

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