Monday, February 22, 2010

Right or Wrong, Results & Psycho Stalker?

so tell me what do you do when what you wanted came true but its not a good thing? do you feel bad about it? or will you feel like "at last!"? something similar to this happened to me, and when i 1st knew about it i was like smiling and was so happy and i felt like saying stuff like "yeah! in your face b*tch" or something like "serves you right, what goes around will come arounf back 2 ya". but then i felt so bad about it, about the bad thing that happened to the person and everyone close to the person. but still, i have to admit it felt really good when the thing happened. sorry i'm not telling you guys about "The Thing That Happened" but my mom told me not to tell anyone so i'll have to handle it alone i guess.

other than then secrecy of my life, i'm flippin out on myself. i really freaked out when i got hold of the dates SPM results are coming out, my hands even shaked like its freezing cold that i couldnt even read the text my friend sent me regarding the result stuff. i'm kinda nervous about my results cause i'm not that bringt(honestly) and i really messed up on a few papers because i got sick on the final papers. but oh well, its done anyway the results are already with our teachers just waiting to be processed and given out. so wish me luck on that.

recently i was also stalked and it felt really scary to be stalked. theres this guy who added me on myspace and was kinda nice to me, but then he said he liked me and stuff but i say i already had a guy(i still had a boyfriend at the time)but still he would say stuff that made me feel akward and uncomfortable to chat with him and he was acting more like a stalker person from that moment. so i blocked this guy from my myspace account but then he got hold of my facebook account(which i never knew he added me before) and started adding my dad and stuff. and he added my mom and my mom was asking me questions "is he your boyfriend?", or "do you know this guy?", "why does he keep adding me?" and i'll just answer i dont know, eventhough i deleted him from every single account he would still be lurking somewhere. and now out of no where his here in langkawi and i'm getting really annoyed, i dont like attention so much(well from people i dont know) and i;m thinking of reporting this to the cops or any authorities but its kinda off the charts right? so, if i'm killed by a psycho stalker please tell my mom about this so they could trace him(just kidding i dont think he would kill me) but still just incase ;p.

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Ave The Strange.

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