Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate Me More

hye guys, wow!! i never knew how many people hated me and talk trash about me. well... thats just what people with low IQ would do.. i dont hate them, i just feel sorry for them. i guess its just the way that things go, when life gives you lemons make juice!! LOL

well enough about low IQ people, i just want to talk about me. since lots of those people out there dont really know me. well here it goes:

1. My full name as stated in my identity card is AZIZAH ROSE BINTI AMIR GUY WHITLOCK.
2. I am 17 this year and i was born on the 9th of march 1992, in a private hospital in alor setar(KMC)
3. I am sitting for SPM and am studying in SMK MAHSURI taking up Technical Science(engineering)
4. I am a second child.
5. My mom is a single mom and i have a stepmother and 3 brothers and a sister(and i'm not ashamed of that)
6. My father is pure ENGLISH(british), thats why i look different and i am good in english(big suprise!)
7. I'm into arts but am focusing on SPM(i have got offers in joining theaters and modeling but i rejected em)
8. Family and friends comes fisrt then comes my studies.
9. I'm proud to say i'm more MALAY than english.
10. I love it when people hate on me, because its just a sign that i'm just better than they expect me to be(dont be jealous love)

oh well, i think thats all the stuff that people dont really get about me, just take note that i'm not a pretty or beautiful or innocent person. i'm just normal and i just go with the flow. living a life filled with colourfull emotions. and i think its just an enjoying roller coaster ride. till next time, i'll vlog and blog up when ever i can.

Yours Sincerely,

Ave The Strange.

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  1. biase la.
    org xmcm kite, ad jerk.
    sume yunk low IQ 2 low class.
    bia jerk. mulot org kite xbley nuck tutop, lyan jerk..