Thursday, June 17, 2010

Faculty Of Creative Arts and Design

hye guys, its been forever since i've written here. been quite busy lately, i've settled in college and am busy with assignments now. things are all well and smooth, though there are a few bumps and bruises along this short way. well all in all, i never regret the choice i made in choosing the Video Animation course. its a very cool thing after all, though you have to be super creative. for this first semester all courses under creative arts and designs will be in the same class except Intro to Multimidea and Animation which is only for Creative Multimedia(CM) and Video Animation(VA) students only. eventhough this course sounds easy but really its not that easy, but the advantage we have is that we can become kids again! experimenting colours and styles in drawing, create new ideas in 2D & 3D class, researching in History of Arts, do photography in Fundamental Photography, and learn more about technology in Intro to Multimedia and Animation.

ok enough of school stuff, now lets talk about life shall we? since i've been here i find life sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. i've seen people change from good to bad,bad to good and even people who are just themselves. i'm lucky enough to have found good friends with a well upbringing. We have so much similarities and we can get along with each other. we care for each other as if we are family eventhough we just knew each other. Iyna,Fiza,Wawa and Adel are my new super best friends!! we hang out with each other and i think we will have a long lasting friendship. Other than those four i also have a few close friends at home that i consider as my second family, kash,prisha,gee,darrien are one of the few that i'm close to.

ok so i think thats about it for now. dont have anything else to write of.

Till next time!

Ave The Strange