Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Strange and I Like It, Just The Way I am

so hello..hello.. viewers(or readers??) i dont really have a purpose on wirting today but i just want we had a bowling match again today (me and my friends myra,picart,syahmi,bobon,and amir) we had a blast!!! it was so much fun than the previous week. i hit alot of pins this time and sadly i broke a nail(OMG!!) hehe.. well thats so not worth the drama.. we had a good time and i know im gonna miss them alot. xpecially since i wont be seeing them for a long time.miera is off to matrix in kuala nerang,kedah. ieka got into uitm in sungai petani. and pikah,amin n picart got into uitm in perak.. hope everyone will keep in touch~ will really miss u guys like so bad!!

 now enough of the goodbyes now time for my music playlist! so the band i want you to tune is this time is the friday night boys, they are kinda popular(well you can say so). their music is the simple kind of highschool garage music?? well you can check them out on youtube or on the link fellas!! ---> :) the other person i think you would like is marit larsen! shes one of the gals grom M2M.. yeah~  remeber?? no??? if not than you s*ck! hehe.. mind my languange ;p well shes singing solo now and she is way better than her other half marion raven(sorry marion just the honest truth). and know her new single is climbing up the charts in the US and i really like that song you can try it out.. maybe it'll suit your style?? (that doesnt sound right) well the songs called "if a song could get me you" go check it out now!!

ok thats all for now i guess?? i'll write again when i have the time and idea.. till next time!!

Love You Guys,

Ave The Strange.

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