Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Bloggy

no longer active with this blog, please visit my new blog n follow if u like.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul~

OMG i havent updated since forever(so~ the drama!) :P so lately been bz with assignments and yeah, i moved to a new house AGAIN! yes, but hopefully this time its permanent. Its a bit small but its got what  i need to survive my college years. So no photo for this post nor is there anything i want to share.. ignore the title lately i've been obsessing the song Jar of Hearts, yeah! i know its an old song but because of Sam Tsui i'm listening to it all over again! he has a voice that could melt down my heart and brain. his voice is like sex to my ears like seriously! k.k. enough with the drama, shesh~ whats wrong with me. So i've started my semester, two subject for this short one. Animation 1 And Video production 1, so i;m gonna have to complete two projects which is an Animation of my own and a TV Commercial that i have to make, and the brand that i'm doing is Silky Girl and tralalala!!!! the model for my latest video would be Nor Azlina(get ready to be tormented) :P kidding.. i'm not a bully k? so enough of the blabber talk(i always say this dont i?) lets cut to the chase, just wanted to update this blog and wanted to share info about my new life. (oh... a cute kitten just walked by>_<) ok ignore my RETARDNESS for awhile :P The house that i've moved on to is not really that far from college but we have to take the bus everyday to college which takes years to arrive to! and oh yah... you know what happened recently? one of the bus drivers was asking for my number, yeah! MY number!! it was kinda of a scary,akward and an annoying moment cuz i was all alone in the bus and thank god there were people comming into the bus at the moment and the bus driver was like "takpalah takda jodohlah tu kalau ada jodoh da bglah no tu kan? takpa mungkin lain kali.." like what the f??? lain kali, seriously i'd rather skip the bus home! not that i have anything against bus drivers(eventhough i hate them sometimes bcuz they'renot punctual) but i hate it when men do stuff like this, i'm not a social person mind you! so i dont know how to react to stuff like this xpecially if its so sudden. So yeah, that's what happened. what do you guys think? Scary? annoying? akward? what would u do? leave a comment or better yet PM me on facebook! till the next post..


Ave The Strange

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So hi, this is the second entry for this day alone.. WHAT? yeah thats right its the second blog entry! just wanted to talk about this website Chictopia which is a site for people who love fashion and share their style there on the site. You can vote for which ever photos you like and you could load up your own photo's to your blog and tag on what clothes and stuff that you are wearing. Its pretty fun! well at least thats what I think :P other than this site theres which is similar to chictopia (at least I think so), these sites are not just for girls they're also for guys too! there are quite a number of guys on the site and they sure are stylish. It doesnt matter if you wear a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops cuz thats your style. Its not about who's best dressed but just sharing your style, and you could shop and swap there too.. its a good place to look for inspiration when deciding on what to wear out sometimes. I have an account, when will you? go and sign up maybe i'll like your Photo too :D and that wraps up this update. Style UP!

Waiting for you,

Ave The Strange.

Have A Break! Have A KIT KAT!

Hye guys, its 3 in the morning and i'm still running! i dont know why i'm not sleepy or even tired yet, its not like i had coffee or anything today. Well enough of the thoughtless chatter and lets get to the topic. Lately alot more Malaysian are making Vlogs on youtube and i think thats great! but still the number of vloggers are still small and i hope more would come up to voice out in their videos :) like i used to once upon a time. Other than the vlogger stuff, i love searching on girls who are wearing hijab and suprisingly there are alot that you could take as inspiring fashionistas! and alot more people are realizing that, and i love that alot more girls are starting to wear hijab but the thing is if you wanna wear it, WEAR IT! not just as a fashion thing, but because you really want to. I know how Malaysians love to follow trends and stuff but sometimes its kinda annoying knowing that its just for a short while. When Shuffling was in everyone shuffled even on the streets at Bukit Bintang, but now do you see anyone doing that? not really.. and the trend now is everyone must have a DSLR camera and take lame photos and adding marks like "mariaPhotography" and such just to show off? what is with all that? cant you just mark it with your name? you really need to type in those Photography words on too so people know its art? its actually really annoying! and everyone must ride fixie bikes too.. or they wont be in the click? and here we r at the last thing Hijab! people are getting more and more obsessed with Hana Tajima and such but why should you follow the trend if its for a short while? why cant you do things the way you want it? and wear whatever you want whenever you want? learn to be independant not dependant on what people think of you. I love wathing girls wear hijab but learn to love it and be a good Muslim dont use it as a tool to attract attention. That is all for this post, thats my take for the new trends the kids are following this days. Till next time!


Ave The Strange

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lets jump up & down & pretend its ok :D

nothing to say just to watch i guess? enjoy if you like this.. it's so sweet how he took care of his fiance even though she's not really her old self anymore. I want to be exactly like him, i'll b there through the highs and the lows.. even if he gets sick like Chris Medina's fiance. I am feeling alot better thanks to a few friends, sorry didnt reply any private messages. I just simply didnt know what to write, and thanks to my beshties Myra, Eika, and Effa for being there for me and making me feel better, thanks to Marija, Isyamir, and Syahmi for asking me to share the problem. Love all you guys, thanks for being the most awesome friends ever(eventhough we never met before) :) cheers,

Thanks a bundle,

Ave The Strange.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drowning & nobodies saving me

hye, so lately i have been gloomy and not bright like i used to b. life looks so dark nowadays that it frightens me, nobodies there to hear me out on my problems not even my my bf(now my ex) its frustrating to try to speak out when no one is listening, and your screaming to the top of your lungs and nobody cares. i feel like i've lost all hope in living at all. everything thats dear to me are taken away and in a few more days or month i'm surely goona give up for good cuz i;m just waiting for that buzzer to sound. i cant stand watching every one that i love in pain and i;m the one who stands by to listen to them taking up all their fear and pain to make them feel better when i myself am in pain & no one ever wants to save me not even the dearest to me. To the people around me, i;m selfish cuz i dont give them what they can give me, money, help, food, fun! but they dont see that all i want is a talk, a hug, some caring and love. When i;ve been trying to give them all that they wouldnt even care to notice. I am a nobody i have nothing more to give other than that, and i've given up hope in all of the creatures that are men. They dont care, they just give pain. they give hope and take it away, they leave their children, loved ones, wife or anything else for fun, for joy they only come back when they want love. some people might like that but for me, a person who lived alone her whole life, and the only love that i get is from my mother who is hardly home working. & my brother who left the house when i was in primary school to live in the hostel. my only best friend is myself, the only person who knew what men did to me is me. people around me dont know anything that happened to me. i never share cuz no one listens. & when i try to trust, i'm decieved and i'm left to suffer alone. all i wanted was to be happy and no one could give me that and now more torture is given to my family and me. and i finally think that its time for me to leave. And no one would care if i go, so i'll suffer slowly to my end. whatever it takes to end the misery through the pills or the smoke. i'll just end up another pile of dirt right? till we meet again(if we do) take care. Salam

Love you till death,

Ave The Strange.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just wanna runaway

havent written in a decade & lately i cant tell you how depressed i am & i havent really been myself lately, really feel like jumping off a bridge or just slashing my face with razors(thats how depressed i feel). & thanks to he is we for making me smile lately their songs are really nice & helps me get to sleep at night. i'm not realy gonna tell you guys about the major reason why i'm depressed cuz this time i feel its just killing me, im just gonna tell you guys about the small stuff that is making me depressed. Last month my lappy crashed and caused me to loose two of my major projects and caused me to repeat one of them that would cost me a few hundred ringgits thanks for nothing PC. & i need a new laptop too to top that off i need a camera too!! so adding it all up repeating subjct(not gonna tell you how much)+new lappy(about 4000)+a new camera(about 2000) = alot to think of. So thanks to some of my friends for cheering me up and making me feel alot more happier then i have been a few months, & thank you for all the other people that have been making me feel like crap cuz u guys are awesome & spectacular!! for now i dont think i'll be posting much & i wont be happy or jolly about anything so if anything good comes along i'll be sure to notify you guys. Thanks for reading & understanding.

Lots of love,

Ave The Strange.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Press Play

hey guys, its February going on March and you know whats coming up in March? of course you dont why the hell would you know its my life not yours right? well for me March is the most wonderful month in the calender cause my big day is on March. YUP! you got that right my birthday is on March! + a few of my friends are celebrating their birthdays in that month too. other than that early this March me and a couple of my friends or should i say crew? are gearing up for our Music Video shoot for my final assignment on Video & Editing for those who do not know the song that i'm supposed to shoot, the song is Secret by One Republic. We're hoping that we would get the best video ect. but all depends on how well we do on set and how well I edit the video. our video features a member of the band Bourjuis who is also my big bro Joe and another from the band Hurly Burly which is also the vocalist of the band Ejoy and of course i wont forget to mention my homey Naze for being the leading actress in this vid. A few other friend of ours are also going to help and those (lucky?) guys are Raja!!! and Para (or so that is what i call him). we hope that our vid would get views if we post them on Youtube and of course Facebook. The vid is about a misunderstanding that happened between the character Audrey and her boyfriend Matt and if you wanna know the rest of the story you'd have to wait till the MV is released, i'm not gonna squeeze out the juice before it even develops so stay tuned for that!! well i think this post is way too long for other things that might happen this coming month just stay tuned and keep on reading chaps!


Ave The Strange.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm always wrong but youre never right

so hi guys tell me how it feels when u r treated like a freakin whore??? anybody?? anyone?? well what if your own very loved one threw a bunch of money to the ground in front of everyone in your neighborhood expecting you to pick it up. and to the eyes of everyone around u,u probably look like a freakin whore/slut or maybe your like a freakin begger or maybe just a dog to be thrown a stick 2. how low can men treat women to bow to their very expectations. and when we say its wrong to do so no matter what the reason is because of human rights they still stand their ground and think they're the one whos right. how stupid for them to think so highly of themselves like kings of fools.. stupid to be proud on doing such a low thing, stupid to think that lowering others is a good thing. not human like, an animal in human form. i dont want to seem rude to point fingers at anyone but if you did it u probably know. to treat your girl in such a way is no good, and to think other girls would stand there and wait for u and follow your every will is such stupidity and ignorance. well, if you think thats about it your all dead wrong. to be spoken in a harsh tone upsets a womans heart as u may (want to) know a womans heart is fragile and soft. it easily breaks when u do harsh things to it, forget glass a womans heart is a freakin bubble! and its soft enough to except anything you do to them. they often say the things that they dont mean so they dont show their fragile side that is breaking away slowly. how they feel is as if theyre standing on the edge of a cliff and is being pushed little by little to jump down. and one day they might just do it. so keep them as a treasure, to achive a womans true love is not easy but to get a slut or a bitch beside you is more common than your own sense! so i think that is about all the things i want to say. i've seen my friends been verbally abused, and some have been hit and this is no way to treat a lady! when you need them by u, you r so nice to them but when your tired and mad they are the ones to get all the blame and are the ones to absorb all your pain and sufferings, and to carry your burden. remember one thing god created mowen to be companions to men so do not abuse them as sex objects or toys to be played with, they are not accesories to be worn. fin~

yours truly,

Ave The Strange.