Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SPM will end soon!!!

hey guys!! its been awhile since i wrote, bz with my exams as usual, but its going to end on the 10th and i'm god damn relived!! and a few days ago i got my hair cut(and i felt sad cuz alot of it was cut off it uesd to be so long). well its all for the good so my hair would seem healthier and in a more certain style than it used to be. other than that i've got news to those who are in KL and in the US. next year i'll be heading to KL(January) and will be staying for some months(have a lil work there) so maybe we could hang out! if i know u of course but it'll be great to meet new people too. and next year i'll be heading to the US(not certain which part) for my cousins wedding(YEY!!!)

i dont really have much to say other than those stuff. i'll be posting up a video later on. i know i've said it a lot of times but i dont really have the time to record and stuff, so cross our fingers hopefully i can post it up in time this time, so till next time.And oh, comment on how u hate or like my hair(i need ur honest opinions)

Love You!!

Ave The Strange.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate Me More

hye guys, wow!! i never knew how many people hated me and talk trash about me. well... thats just what people with low IQ would do.. i dont hate them, i just feel sorry for them. i guess its just the way that things go, when life gives you lemons make juice!! LOL

well enough about low IQ people, i just want to talk about me. since lots of those people out there dont really know me. well here it goes:

1. My full name as stated in my identity card is AZIZAH ROSE BINTI AMIR GUY WHITLOCK.
2. I am 17 this year and i was born on the 9th of march 1992, in a private hospital in alor setar(KMC)
3. I am sitting for SPM and am studying in SMK MAHSURI taking up Technical Science(engineering)
4. I am a second child.
5. My mom is a single mom and i have a stepmother and 3 brothers and a sister(and i'm not ashamed of that)
6. My father is pure ENGLISH(british), thats why i look different and i am good in english(big suprise!)
7. I'm into arts but am focusing on SPM(i have got offers in joining theaters and modeling but i rejected em)
8. Family and friends comes fisrt then comes my studies.
9. I'm proud to say i'm more MALAY than english.
10. I love it when people hate on me, because its just a sign that i'm just better than they expect me to be(dont be jealous love)

oh well, i think thats all the stuff that people dont really get about me, just take note that i'm not a pretty or beautiful or innocent person. i'm just normal and i just go with the flow. living a life filled with colourfull emotions. and i think its just an enjoying roller coaster ride. till next time, i'll vlog and blog up when ever i can.

Yours Sincerely,

Ave The Strange.