Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'll kiss my own lips

hye guys, its been a while since i wrote. been bz with life, i am now officially working(gah!! shocker!) but the salary sucks though. it isnt worth the god damn hard job i'm doing there. i need to find a better job soon. but oh well, just a thought. SPM results will be coming out this march(i think?) and i think depression era would come soon. enough about boring old life, lets talk,talk,talk about the good times.

one of the fun things about work is the people you work along with. some of the part timers in December was awesome, and others well just okey i guess(no hard feelings kay?) and now problems start cropping out when the part timers resigned and the new comers started. but the problem wasnt caused by the freshmen, it was one of the leaders who had issues to be settled with us. shes so damn bossy and think shes the queen or something, and the worst part of this lady is that she likes to trick us into believing shes a great person when she sneaks behind your back and start stealing some of your sales(one of the ways we get extra cash at work). she pissed me off bad time when i lost about 1000$, its just a matter of time she gets the taste of her own medicine. were taking this issue straight to the boss of course and want this to be settled fast. i hate these type of stuff and would like to avoid it as much as possible, but when this came to me like a punch in the face theres no other way to settle it unless it was a punch back!

so thats about it, works that much stressful. other than that i dont have any other issues to date. and one more thing just to set things straight. everything that is on my myspace,facebook,blogger and youtube page is done by myself and was not coppied anywhere. if you find anyone with the same things that i have that must be a copycat. and i am single blokes but like i said in my myspace page i am not available. some bookings have been made, and i'm taken by the heart but not by the title "YET". ;p

yours truly,

ave the strange