Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the ending of a great year!

hye all, todays da last day of the year..
and it is the saddest.. i wish not to leave this wonderfull year, for it holds the most greatest moments.

reasons why i love this year.

1. a great new begining.
2.made new superb friends.
3.KITA was created.

Monday, December 29, 2008

bz & new year!!

Hye guys, its been really bz especially cuz schools about to start & other stuff. Langkawi has been bz cuz of school holidays, raya, xmas, & new year. so my jobs been tough lately, people kept pushing & wanted us to find rooms when we already told them all rooms are full. so that was a fcuk.

Other than that, my bf's phone is stolen & i couldnt contact him now.. :( its pretty sad i hate that alot!! i miss him, its been 2 days & it felt like years. today is my holiday so i have alot of time to b on9 & stuff.. if u guys have been contacting me through "twitter" i'm sorry but i havnt been on9 for some time. & if u were cntcting me through fb or fs i'm sorry i dont use them anymore. ;p

well new years getting so near!! & i'm getting ready to go out(not now) this new year. i already got the clothes lined up.. & i hope people wont look at me like a freak, cuz thats what they always do? erm.. i still dont know why they do so, like when the scarf trend was still new. i wore it to a celebration & everybody kept looking at me and saying things, but after a while they were following the trend too.. so thats crap!! i felt like, going and slap them on the face. but thats no use..
finally, i dont know who will be performing this year. last year we had hujan, & it was totally awesome!! this year i hope will be 2 times more outragious than last year. & i would like to wish to all who celebrate xmas, merry xmas(eventough its a little late) but have a merry one k?

so thats about it, i wrote a lot this time & hope u enjoyed my bittersweet blog of my little crappy life. so thats about it then. catch u lads next time, bye....

yours sincere,

ave the strange.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hye everyone!!

hye, its been a while since i wrote a blog.
so i've been thinking to make a video blog 4 my community on myspace that is 'KITA©', ive been thinking to make it like vlog candy.. where we can make, challanges every week, & our friends n members can make video responses & join the challanges.. so thats about that.
and my plan to release our t-shirts on christmas was riuned, cuz my friend couldn't make it. so thats lame, cuz i've planned everything.. and if you want to subscribe/ add our community on myspace, you could do so by entering this domain >>

well enough about the community, its raining outside. i pretty much hate rain as much as i love it. the same way i love a sunny day & sometimes hate it. my clothes are now wet, cuz i was'nt aware that it was raining earlier & i did'nt took it in. so other than that, i've been starting doing office work now, rather than going out & doing marketing as i always do.

my mom is so crazy right now, i got to log off..
i'll write more soon, i promise u that.. so bye..

your sincere

ave the strange

Friday, December 19, 2008

sorry for the late post!

hye guys,
sorry its been a while since i posted a new blog, its been a crazy week.
i have to do stupid works, got a new boyfriend, & i'm going out later.

so, first of all. i got a new idea 4 my class t-shirt, it'll be rockin.
and erm... i'm a blur right now, i dnt know what to say.
oh well, i might as well say something about my new bf, his name is hafix he is a lucky munky band member, he is so sweet & sensitive. he cares a lot about me, & that was what makes me atrracted to him. it has been only a week but, it seems like i've known him forever.
well, his band LUCKY MUNKY is a well known bnd here in Malaysia, they play a genre of ska,punk rock kind of music. they r pretty good.

so you can check em' out on myspace & here the music, they r doing a new recording to make it sound more better & will be releasing a new ep soon. so if you want something new & fresh you can check the lads out.

so thats about it, i dont know what to taip anymore & i'm late. i need to go out, myra & eyka are waiting & they r gonna kill me if they knew i was late bcuz of my blog. so we'll chatter again soon.

yours sincere

ave the strange

Sunday, December 14, 2008


if u seen the tittle, you'll probably be wondering what its about. well, chipi2 is a word in brunei for "terhegeh2". & i got to know that word from my uncle & aunt from brunei, they r rockin! my aunt nabila bought me this cool necklace, i'll show u next time when i've got the time.
the pic up front is my aunt n uncle, its my uncle azlan's birthday a few days ago. & we had a superb dinner at BON TON. i love the cheese cake there...
other than that, we went shopping yesterday at nike & other shops in lngkawi fair(people always mistaken it as a fun fare when actually its a mall).

i had the most boring day at work yesterday, i nearly slept there. it was hot, n lowsy day.
i kept on thinking about my crush(secret!!), cuz i had nothing good to do. hes so cute!! if my friend myra reads this, she'll tease me like hell! hehe. we'll he's a rockstar anyway, i bet he already has lots of cute fans :( so jealous right now.if u know bill kaulitz, he looks a lot more cuter than him(well thats what i think ;p)

enough of my crush!, if i write about him it will never end. i've been thinking for a while 2 cut my hair like my avatar on my IMVU, with pink dye. it'll be totally cool, i like pink & black boing together its lovely. right now, i'm having my luch break at home. so i took this time to write this CHIPI2 blog. & my vlog isnt going on really well, my camera has such a bad sound system & you'll hear my voice on n off, so sorry about that.

your sincere

ave the strange

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my holiday

hye all, today was the best day ever!
i went out wth my friend myra n bought a new bag, i'd post the pic of it here. but my camera's bttry went out so i couldnt do so.
well, myra bought a new shirt. thats all about that.
we did some candid pic's, one of it is what u r seing up there..

well, when i was out. it was fun, but when i got home it was like hell.
the pc was so slow, n all my music files was cought with virus n r all gone.
i hated that a lot
it was a lot of collection of all my fave songs.

well i need to go to sleep, cuz this stuff r just giving me a headace..
so bubye n nunyte..

yours truly

Ave the strange

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Its a new day.

well, i have nothing much 2 say in this blog.
its just a simple short list if what i did today(well, its past 12 so that makes it yesterday).

today, i really wanted to go out with my friend(myra). i had made plans with her, but i had to cancel. cuz i had to go to work, & that was a boring thing to do. i hate going to work, i dont do much but still i get pay'd so i pretty much dont care. i had such a boring day, & i met an old friend. that was kinda cool, cuz i havent met him in a while.

i just wanted 2 say, i pretty much hate lowsy weekdays. but i totally adore the weekends.
hopefully i will b going out this friday with myra. & maybe next week, i will be heading down 2 penang. i have to work, but still nobody said i cant have fun.

so thats about it, i need to go to sleep now.
this has been, the worst blog i've written yet. but i'll b improving it.
a little support from you guys will make it alot better.

yours sincere

ave the strange

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wednesday, can't think straight

i'm pretty stressed right now, my ex boyfriend keeps on texting me n calling me.
eventhough i avoid em, he still does. i hate him like hell right now. other than that,
i have been working out new vids 4 my new youtube account, n will b posting it soon enough.

i dont really know what 2 write now. well, i might as well tell you the meaning of my name.people keep pronouncing ave as "avy" & i hate it a lot,i keep telling them its ave. & that name came to life as i hate people saying that my normal fan name is like "guyish"(zz). so i took a sur name from my first name that is "aze". & that didnt sound right so i changed it to ave, & it kind of stucj till now. its been about 2 years of me using that name, & i feel comfortable using it.

other than that a few days ago, i have straighten my hair. & i'm pretty liking it, cuz i used my own money. nobody helped me on that. & i will be buying a new bag soon & some other stuff, & i will post it here 4 u 2 see & comment it if its nice or lame. & i'm pretty happy now cuz hopefully, we(me n my friends) will b releasing our community t-shirt on january YEAY!!

to those in Malaysia, it will b available here with Price RM30 & payment will b by bnking. & u can survay the designs on KITA page on myspace, & i will be posting it here on myblog.
wish me luck.
& about the song on my blog, its from the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT wich is the best movie this year. & the soundtrack is by Paramore, i love em alot!!
& lately i've been pretty bussy with my work, so i've been finding my spare time to do all of this.
i've stop using friendster & facebook. now i'm only on myspace,twitter,blogger n youtube.
so, i think thats about it then. will post more blogs later.

your sincere,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my first blg 4 my new account, yey!!

Hi all,
this is my 1st blog 4 this'll be kinda about my life, & what's going on around me. so, mostly it also contains some of the events going on now.

4 today, i just subscribed a channel on youtube "Vlog Candy". u should check it out, its pretty cool. they've been making vid's 4 about a week now but, they r already a partner in, i envy that cuz being in Malaysia doesnt allow me to be a partner on youtube.
i do have a channel on youtube, but its kinda crap.
so i'm making another one. so just wait 4 that.

enough of that, todays been the most boring day in my life.
i did'nt have anything to do, it was so lame. i only had fun teasing my brothers friend. "HAHA".

so thats about it so..
bye guys!!