Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 10 things u need to know about me

hye guys so heres some things that i think u guys need to know about me. i know its kinda dumb doing this but i just think that rather than not updating my blog i figured i have to do something bout it. i cant let this blog die out. so here it is 10 things u need to know bout me.

1. I dont drink milk unless its chocolate milk or soy milk.
2. I love to eat, but i find it hard to gain weight. :/
3. I dont follow trends in particular but i just tend to buy things i find beautiful to wear. :)
4. addicted to paramore and eyes set to kill. alexia and hayley are my idols in fashion.
5. My fave channel would be MTV and my fave radio station is HITZ
6. I hate my legs and teeth. and my hands are not straight.
7. I'm half english but my english is pretty bad. ;p
8. I choose my friends and i find it hard to trust people to share my feelings and secrets.
9. If i like someone everyone else would just turn into a blur. so eventhough i dont have a boyfriend at the
    time and like someone. it will take some effort or some special attraction to make me like someone else. :)
10.If i hate a person, it would be hard for me to like that certain person.

so thats about it then. those are the top 10 but there are some other stuff too.. but you'll need to find out by your selves. till next time.

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.


  1. x elok.!!
    huduh.!! hahax. joke2.

    weyh follow blog aq.. (: