Monday, April 5, 2010

Lets Battle!!!

so hye again n again.. welcome to my new blog post and our new month in this new year(yey!) well this time i'll review another few bands that you should check out first of is the talented christopher sleeps or was known as a sunset diary before changing their names. he plays an abstract kind of music and is very soothing, often collabs with other musicians and his music sounds awesome. this guy is from australia and i really think you guys should check him out

so next in line is a metal rock band from Japan known as Myproof, so this is a new band introduced to me by a friend and must i say i love them!! the music is great not really heavy and i think it is easily excepted. if you love eyes set to kill then you will love this band. i promise you, you wont regret tuning into their music. >_<

so movie of the blog(sounds wierd but oh well) is Into The Wild its an awesome movie it is based on a true story. Its about a college graduate who realized that he has been wasting his life for such a long time doing things to satisfy others who well dont really care about him they just want to use him to make themselves feel proud(parents listen up!). because he felt disgusted by these 'people' who actually lied to him all this while and feels that society sucks!(sorry for the bad language) he then runs off and becomes a tramp or more known as leather tramp because he doesnt have wheels to travel in. so after years of working and traveling and meeting new people he then decides to go into the wild to be one with nature and hoping he would be at peace there. hoping that it is way better and uncruel like the society around him. so.. if you want to know more and want to know the ending watch it yourself and hopefully it touches you the way it did with me. its a worth watch movie, really nice and it goes deep. :)

and know about me,myself and i. i've been bored lately, nothing really excites me anymore but the fact that maybe i'll be going to college soon and resume my studies.(what???) yes i'm excited that i'm going to go learn something. this is like the first time in my hollow,gloomy,sad life that i really want to learn and get off my lousy bump! hopefully it will be next month so i wont feel bored anymore. i've also started playing digimon battle, an online game that was recently launched. its an international game so you can interact with people from all over the world. its basicly the same with the digimon games on the play station, but you can catch and train digimons and battle with other trainers and there are quests that you need to complete. so yeah.. i like it but its nearly the same as other online games that i've played but with characters that i know and really liked to watch when i was a kid( not like i'm that old) so thats about it, dont wanna waste your times reading all of these stuff. bye guys!

Love You Guys A Lot! >_<

Ave The Strange.

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