Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enough Emotional Sh*t!!!

hye there, so from now onwards i'll stop writing emotional and mushy stuff i know you guys hate those stuff. so i wont write those stuff no more. so now i'm just gonna review on a few bands that i find very cool to listen to. first off is the band vertigo whales they're a contemporary band and they create soothing music, you should go have a listen they have a myspace account so you guys can check them out there or just buy them off on i tunes. :)

Another band that i like is April chase, if you love Paramore and music similar to theirs you should check out April Chase. Their music is easy going and easily excepted by most ages(expecially teens). they're still new and needs love so please do check em out and support them if you love their music, their first single is out and you can view the music video on their page on myspace or on youtube(search april chase music). April Chase-Turn It Down.

Well i think those are the bands you should check out for now, i'll update more bands soon so you can check them out! so now a movie that i think you should search and check out is "GADOH" an independant movie that showcases the racist-ism in Malaysian that we never really see. it also touches on the teaching technique used by the gavorment that doesnt really teach the students to become a thinker but really just teaches the students to memorize and become a follower. Its a really good movie but is banned because it shows too much of what the people dont agree with the goverment and how the goverment is really bias with only siding with the malays race and not really giving opportunity to the other races(which is really unfair even to me as a Malay think so). So i really think you should check it out, really makes you think of our country(how it REALLY is). so thats about it about the movie, i really dont think this movie should be banned. the goverment should just reflect on what these guys are trying to show them.

so thats about it for now. catch you guys later!


Ave The strange

Thursday, March 25, 2010

is this love?

 23 things that shows u r loved or u r in love..

1. The person that loves you never has a reason why he/she loves you. All that they care is that your the only thing in their mind and is the only one in their heart.

2. Even if you have a lover, he/she never really minds. All they care is that your happy and he/she is happy for you too.

3. The person that loves you never really cares about how you look or what you wear.They accept you for who you are and never tries to change you.

4. The person would always want to know how your day was. And would want to know everything you did the whole day.

5. The person would always send texts to you everyday such as "good night","good morning","take care" and more. eventhough you never reply but he/she keeps on sending them. its one of the ways to show that they love you just because saying the word i love you is kind of hard.

6. If you are celebrating a birthday party or any other party and didnt invite them. they would send texts or call just to wish you happy birthday(even if you didnt want to)

7. They person who loves you would always remember every event youve been through together,even the ones that you yourself wouldnt remember. because to the person that moment is precious and each time they think about it tears will form in their very hearts.

8.  They would always remeber whatever you have said. because to the person all the words that came out from you gave him/her dreams,hope or even a promise to be happy with you.

9. The person who loves you would try their best to like whatever you like. such as your fave type of music, or what style you like on a man/woman.

10. he/she would always care for you. eventhough you havent seen each other for a long time, he would always care about everything that happens to you.

11. If there is an occasion such as an exam comming up, the person would ask when the occasion is an during the day of the occasion he/she would send a text or call to wish you "good luck".

12. The person that likes you would give you something really special to him/her. because to them you are special and giving you the gift shows how special you are to them. eg. fave song, fave shirt ect.

13. they would be speachless when talking to you on the phone. just because they are nervous and dont know what to say. They're scared if they would mess up and end up looking stupid to you. they would want to look perfect in your eyes.

14. The person that loves you would always want to be near you, and would want to spend their lives next to you. even if its only as a best friend.

15. If you are moving somewhere far. they would support you, and will give you the best advise. they wouldnt want you to get hurt and would worry for you greatly.

16. The person that loves you would act more like a family member more than like a lover.

17. They would do annoying things such as calling you a dozen times a day, or texting you in the middle of the night to say i love you just because you are constantly on their mind.

18. They would always miss you, and do things that would bother you. when you tell him/her that they are bothering you they would apologize and wont repeat it ever again(maybe).

19. If you asked him/her to teach you something they would do it with care and would never feel bored teaching you(even if you are the most dumbest person in the world).

20. If you would read his/her phone mails, the inbox would be filled with your texts. and he/she still keeps old texts that you sent just because it means a lot to him/her.

21. And if you show signs of trying to avoid him/her. they would quickly understand and wont bother you ever again or they would just simply disapear from your life completely.

22. If at times you feel that you would want him/her back. they would always be there waiting for you. even if its a million years.

23.The person who loves you would never force you to love them. they would patiently wait for your love until your heart opens for them. if you would have to love another, he/she would accept your choice and would be happy for you even if his/her heart is thorned to pieces..

i've felt this once, and now i'm trying to forget(fail!!)
how bout you?

Love You Guys,

Ave the Strange.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Without Words

so we'll just skip the intro for this time, i know u guys are sick and tired of hearing hi day after day.. so today we'll just keep going with whatever i'm about to taip into this blog. i've been a slob over the past month so lately i've been going out with some friends, some of them thinks i need to start dating cause the last relationship left me in a mess and they say that i cant keep going and say no to every single boy in my life. they even wanted me to date one of my friends before, i was very close to him and he was very nice too. i quite like him too, but still i think i kinda made him feel rejected or something and we stopped talking to each other and that felt really akward to me because i'm really not the type to stop being friends and stuff like that. my friends where kinda furious about that, they said i've just missed a good guy just because i'm traumatic with my past relationship. so maybe i'll be dating again soon(maybe?) i dont know still doubtful. so to drown out all these thoughts about love, realtionship and complicated feelings i've been tuning to old tracks in my laptop. Paramore,Eyes Set To Kill, Escapen the Fate have been playing on repeat on my lappy now. i'm not such a romantic person, and i can barely say the words i love u unless i really mean it. And it seemed to be wastefull to say these things to any man right? thats why i'm not in a relationship i guess? because i havent met my soul partner? or i think so? well if i happened to miss him then i guess i'm unlucky then.

well enough bout all those, i think i've written these kind of stuff before.and this kinda reminds me about my SPM essay. it was a love story. we had to make an ending with the sentance "we've said our goodbyes,and its time we go our separate way". well i think that was what it is. and the ending was one of the lovers dying because he was really sick and stuff like that, but i promise what ever i wrote wont be crap thats for sure!
so, results are coming out this coming thursday and i am freaking out i'm so damn nervous. pray i get good results kay guys? love u guys. now im signing off.


Ave The Strange.