Friday, December 17, 2010

Hectic, Dramatic, Psycho~

so hey there guys, its been a month or so since i updated my blog so now about time i whip up some new updates right? Things are going well so far, passed up my final projects and i did pretty well(i think) my lecturers gave a good response to my music album cover and my rock clothing company packaging & logo and next week is my exams for another 2 subjects so cross your fingers guys!!! wish me the best of luck!! other than that i've been browsing around for a new phone since my good old friend sony decided to crash and make my life a whole lot of a mess than it already is. so thinking it over and over i've decided to buy a Blackberry next year with the salary that i get for a part time job(that i still dont have). but dreams can be reality right?? and there is no harm trying to achieve one unless your dream is a bit wacko and everyone teases around about your stupid and unreal dream like trying to grow wings and fly(unless your a psycho scientist than go ahead and try!) and xmas is coming near and i doubt i'll be getting any gifts for xmas(as usual ever since i'm 10) but i keep my hopes high for a great evening with some friends by the beach having fun! what else would you do if you dont have anything else to do on a beautiful island with white sandy beaches? for starters of course we would hang by the beach and we could also cruse along the coast line or just have a great dinner at a nice restaurant right?? oh well.. but still its a normal thing to do in the city too. hang out somewhere, go have a stroll or something than have dinner somewhere grand.(and here i go mumbling away with my thoughts) anyhow holidays are coming so i'm gonna pack up for home again. So its bye-bye KL and hello Langkawi!!! there is no where like home right??? and oh! 1 more thing i have a suprise for u guys!! there will be a bit of a change next year. is it the blog?? my FB?? my Flickr?? my other pages?? me?? my family?? college?? what??? oh well that i will leave to your own imagination and maybe u might crack the secret up. till then.

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

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  1. hey gojes gojes ...
    u look so nice in tudung !
    cantik !
    mcm minah salleh pakai tudung daa :)