Wednesday, October 20, 2010

massive heartbreak but im ok :)

so hye whoever is reading this, last night was Paramores concert and as many of my friends know i am one of their biggest fans but sadly i am not one of the many fans with the time & money to be at their 1st concert in Malaysia. oh well, theres maybe next time right? & i promise my self 1 day i will meet up with them in person & tell them how much their music inspires me & changes my life. Hayley had always been my idol since i was 15, she is one of the many people in the music industry who wears anything she wants and doesnt really care what people might think about it(just my opinion, i dont really know her right?). most rock chicks might say wearing a dress or a skirt isnt cool or right but she says "its never wrong for a girl to wear skirts". like one of the lines in demi lovatos songs lala land "who says i cant wear my converse with my dress? well baby thats just me!". I am heartbroken cause i didnt go to Paramores concert, I nearly cried last night when i knew the shoe started but still i occupied my time with working on one of my friends project(who i am helping, i'm not doing it alone) where she needs to make a light or whatever stuff she had to do using recycled material. So, eventhough i'm sad for not being there for them to support them i know helping my friend is a great thing to do and that they matter to me too. Maybe by doing this good deed sacrificing their concert & saving the money my mom gives me for college studies i might end up with a miracle, who knows? i might get to meet Paramore after all! ^_^

well enough of that, just a few minutes ago i got news that a guy got killed near my apartment where i live. This place had become a HOT SPOT for crime since the day i came here, it is a nightmare and i feel restless here thinking am i safe and are my friends safe too? over the past moth there had been bag snatchers, fights(well thats normal enough), and there had been raids here too as it was also a hot spot for drug dealing and student prostitution. and last month someone abandoned a baby near the river behind our apartment and it DIED! OMG it was so scary, the police came to each house asking questions wheter we knew anything about it which of course we dont. but eventually the girl(the heartless b***h) got cought. hurm.. i cant wait to get a drivers licence and find another place to live. i hate thinking these things might happen to me too. well that is all and i think i'm gonna get over the whole Paramore thing soon. wish me luck and hopefully my search for a scholarship for my video course would end soon, it would be the most wonderful thing that had ever happen to me.until the next blog!


Ave The Strange.

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