Friday, October 16, 2009

the rain made me cry..

hye guys, been very-very-very-bery bz lately. had so many papers to work on and so on had to study for my boring exams. well enough about school and boring stuff. lets talk about life..:))

been watching vampire diaries, its pretty bad(sorry guys) but i think the novel might be a whole lot better though, so i'll be running to the book store after the exams.. other than that i actually have a date with my gorgeous friends, but it suddenly rained and that makes me sad. cuz i walk to my friends house(we love enjoying the fresh air rather than polluting the environment with rhe cars and stuff. but we walk to places that are near only),so i'm waiting for the rain to stop so i could meet up with her and go bowling and have lunch with em. people who will be envolved in the activity today would be me(of course),Myra(screamo girl),Kila(the adventurous),Pykah(the dare devil),Ceplos(identity hidden),Bobon(cute polar bear) :)).
eventhough they're not in my class but still, they are the most awesome friends.

other than what i'm going to do today i'm gonna tell u about something new. i just broekup and fallen in love(not in a relationship kinda love, just secret :] ). i wanted to breakup with my ex cuz i just didnt think we were meant for each other, we were more like friends rather than lovers. then something unexpected happened i had a friend, he was cool and all and he was a great friend i never thought i would fall in love with him, i felt like singing LUCKY by colbie caillat and Jason Mraz. but still i kept it a secret, i dont want to mess things up. i have a great friend and i'm not gonna loose it just cause i fell in love with him. i have thought about speaking up, but what if he doesnt feel the same?,and i dont want him liking me just cause i like him! its so unnatural(i dont like fakes).

so if you guys could help me out it would be great. please comment me on your opinions.. it would mean the world to me. :)

Yours Lovingly,

Ave The Strange.

Monday, October 5, 2009

secret admirer?? + new vids will be posted on youtube :)

hye guys!!
in a very good mood lately, haha currently admiring some one..who? John from the maine!! his so cute, xpecially in their new vid INTO YOUR ARMS.. urgh, i'd love to get a peck on the cheeks from him.. :))

haha enough of stupid fantasies and fictional love. hahax.. i got my english paper yesterday and i actually got an A+ yeah!! my teacher thought my essay was interesting, haha..(and my friends thought it was funny for me to use twilight names). but still it was worth every wierd word ive written. and hopefull my SPM essay would be that good 2..

other than that, ive posted some vids on youtube which i wanted to keep secret of but recently led it wide open so everyone would watch it. and thinking about mking vlogs(like i wanted a few months ago). and we'll just see what i'm going to make. i'm just suprised that some of my friends liked my vids(which are very crappy) but still it was worth the effort though. well, thats about it. i'll post more blogs soon(even if i start making vlogs).

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.