Friday, October 8, 2010

to run or to hide? to be me or to be someone else?

so heres the thing. i've been silent for quite a while now & i think its about time i updated right? lately i've felt like everything & everyone has been changing and i really dont like change unless its for the better. the thing that i hate most is when people around me, who are unique and beautiful the way they truly are change the very person they are to be someone else, another A crowd wanna be. a part of society, a part of another stupid judgement system where age is a limit to everything, like "grow up cartoons are for kids!" or "stop acting like a kid your 22 for gods sake!" and "that music is just for annoying little punks", since when people cant do what they like? it so stupid how people tolerate with this stupid things. if you feel like you want to be a kid, that just be a kid! why do we have to pretend to be another puppet in society? becoming the perfect adult? can someone tell me how many people in this world grow old and cranky? alot right?? and have you ever seen happy folks growing old turning into old cranky prunes? i dont think so.. the thing is i think people should know that being the person you are is more enjoyable than being the person you WANT TO BE! no need to try, you are who you are. you dress up the way you want to not according to the magazines. you eat because want to and as much as you want to no need to diet or do all those shitty stuff that keeps your self esteem down. people need to know that when they smile and feel happy for who they are, it shows their self confidence, and it also shows that they are a risk taker not afraid to fall and climb back up again. remember the term NO PAIN,NO GAIN? thats the thing u need to hold on to for the rest of your life. hopefully i wont change. i love cartoons, i love cheewing gum, i love rock music, i love punkish attire, i love t-shirts and old stinky jeans,  i love sitting on the couch all they watching tv never giving a fuck about anything else, and i love to be with my family and friends and doing the things that i want to do when ever i want to do it! so thats about it. hope what i just said did not offend anyone just my perspective a point of view that i have on the situation right now. i hate changes that sometimes make me feel like i dont know that person anymore. i just want to be like this, ME! for the rest of my UBER AMAZING LIFE!!!

Yours Faithfully,

Ave The Strange.

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