Monday, October 5, 2009

secret admirer?? + new vids will be posted on youtube :)

hye guys!!
in a very good mood lately, haha currently admiring some one..who? John from the maine!! his so cute, xpecially in their new vid INTO YOUR ARMS.. urgh, i'd love to get a peck on the cheeks from him.. :))

haha enough of stupid fantasies and fictional love. hahax.. i got my english paper yesterday and i actually got an A+ yeah!! my teacher thought my essay was interesting, haha..(and my friends thought it was funny for me to use twilight names). but still it was worth every wierd word ive written. and hopefull my SPM essay would be that good 2..

other than that, ive posted some vids on youtube which i wanted to keep secret of but recently led it wide open so everyone would watch it. and thinking about mking vlogs(like i wanted a few months ago). and we'll just see what i'm going to make. i'm just suprised that some of my friends liked my vids(which are very crappy) but still it was worth the effort though. well, thats about it. i'll post more blogs soon(even if i start making vlogs).

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

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