Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flu,bye2 Decoy & red hair?

hye guys,
first of all ive been real bussy and sick, so sorry about that. i'm not at school today. so i might as well just wirte a blog yeah?
i had this flu since last thursday, & it is so bad.. i cant even understand what i'm saying! my voice is all guy like. even my mom teases me about it. i cant stand it, i hate it.. but it seems to be wearing off now so hopefully i'll b in school again tommorow.

other than that, ive broken off with my decoy! haha..FYI to those who dont understand what decoy is, decoy is kinda like a bate which you use to get something of your own interest(evil isnt it?) well i'm "i'm forced into you just cause your into me". if your reading i'm so sorry i never kicked your ass fisrt before we broke off. haha.. i dont need you anyway, i only love my darling hafix!! oh.. BTW Lucky Munky will be releasing their new EP soon.. so keep in touch for when it will be released yeah?

lastly.. i'll be coloring my hair soon(red), i dont care anymore. i'm very stressed, i just want to change who i am. i want to be someone new, so you wont be looking at the same girl next time. the next time you see me, it will be a revolution.haha

lyrics self written:

forget bout' you(another color)

Still young and didn’t knew better,
We had so much fun,
Then it all was a clutter,
We fell so in love,
but I guess that’s another,
wild guess
cause we forgot each other

Don’t worry
I’m over you
I’ll just tare apart the picture of u & me
I’ll just scream the songs that we used to sing
I’ll just delete all your cmmnts n your msj
Cause I cant pretend. Cuz I’m hurted
I’ll dye my hair another color,
N forget about you..

2 seconds that’s what it took for u to say
Were done & I said okey
I was calm & steady but u never read my mind
I’m a wild chick
Just wait cuz revenge will be so much fun

Don’t worry
I’ll be just fine

Don’t look back on me
You know I wont turn around 2 you
I’ll just go my own way
The clock ticks
I’m pacing the times without you

here's 4 u decoy!

yours truly,

Ave The Strange

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