Friday, July 31, 2009

a whole lot of sh*t!

hye guys, its been a rough n tough week. was quite bussy with thing at school, its starting to get a whole lot like a military camp now. exams is just around the corner so its just like trial paper from here and there & i'm just getting sick looking at it, i think the next time i do a paper i'm going to throw up!!! well, its just school.. its going to be over soon which is sad(awww.. tears!) i dont like to be indipendant and all, i like to live like a kid forever! i'll get whatever i want, just ask n cry for it(haha..) but still its true, living as a kid is pretty easy there areno tax paying, figuring out how to manage your f*king bills and ect. i dont want it to end now but still life goes on and i have to move forward with it(no doubt about that!).

other than that i think i'm going to buy a new dress(hopefully). i saw this cute dress, and i think i'm going to wear it for the "Arts & Heritage" club's annual dinner next month. well its a whole month away, i might change my mind though. i think i'll be performing(yikes!!!)maybe solo or with some of my friends.. so look out if langkawi is floded, it might be our fault! ;p

other than that, i've recently heard that Megan Fox is banned on the net??? what's that all about? i dont think its a smart move, she didnt do anything wrong! she's just a star who is totally adored by millions n zillions of people from all around the world. i think they should think it over, its just a small matter and its been bombing around like its such a crisis..

well i think thats about it my fellow sweethearts..

Yours sincere,

Ave The Strange.

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