Friday, August 21, 2009

Tell Me Life is More Than Living.

Hye guys, its about time i wrote again.. hurm, i'm damn bored right now.. just waiting for SPM to come and go so i can live my life normally again, but then again its kinda sad to leave school right now. Theres to much happy and sad and humiliating memories there, i just cant stop laughing at it each time i remember it. well life is life, we keep on going and going and never stopping. nobody can stop us unless we are the ones who keep holding back.

well enough of that whole crap, been thinking lately. i want to cut my hair shorter(a whole lot shorter) and colour it dark red.. kinda maroon but still i love my hair now.. :(
well, i'm writing nothing now. just CRAP,CRAP,CRAP! i need a new kind of life now, please save me(hikhik)..

Ramadhan is here, so fasting season will start right about tomorow. its gonna be a good one, i can tell. :D Other than that some of my freinds been offering me to join their band as a vocalist. but i still dont know if i should join, i still think my voice is crap and i think i'll post a video here or on youtube on me singing so u guys can comment. i know there are a whole lot of YOU GUYS who are reading this but isnt a follower, keep on reading its a healty thing to do(i think) + i think those who read my blog are as ignorent to the world as i am, i dont give a damn of what people might think of me anymore i know i'm a good person and i dont need people to tell me that. and to those who hate me are just waisting my time cuz i'm still standing as strong as before(your like that too right?)

well thats enough of my blabering.. its time for me to go.. i'll write again soon( i hope)

Yours Loving,

Ave The Strange.

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