Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hye guys, got happy news. i'm going to penang today yey!! i'm going there at 2 so when i'm there i might not be online for a while. that doesnt matter cuz i'll have a great time(that doesnt mean you guys arent fun oke?)

while i'm there i am going to hang out at my friends crib(finie a new name for u guys!) & visit my aunt(thats only a maybe ;p) i'm gonna take loads of pictures & maybe post them here, on flickr, or on myspace! oh, and BTW if u find any other account on myspace other than the e-mail ( that is not mine oke? & i dont run accounts on friendster, facebook, or high5 anymore. i only run myspace,blogger,youtube, & twitter if u find anyone else with my pic please tell me cuz i'd love to rip his/her head off!!
well enough of cursing people, now is the time i say nice things~ lalala..
i had a nice week. lots of my teachers are gone & we had a blast! :) & strangely i got along with some boys in the class which i never did(well sometimes) before. & it was a strange phenomenon, & this is a wierd word to describe it.

other than that, gong xi fa chai to all chinese & happy holidays to everyone(not in a x-mas kind of way though). hope u guys have a happy holiday!
Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

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