Friday, April 17, 2009

Yuna Sings Better in English..

hye guys.. nothing to talk about really, just want to comment about YUNA, the female acoustic singer from UITM. she's a great singer but still its a shame that she only got noticed after someone sang her song 'dan sebenarnya' in akademi fantasia(AF). after the show the song later got noticed by radio stations(other than x-fresh, they have been playing her songs way longer) & TV's. but the my question now is 'do you think YUNA sings better in english or malay?'. i personally think she sings better in english & think she could go further if people start noticing her talent & not only her songs. overall she's a great singer & performer, she performed in London before(i think?) so i think she's way better than any other main stream artist we have now.

FYI to those who havent take notice of our local independent bands, you should do so. cause you'd be suprised at how good they are and how far they have gone. check out the bands out there no matter what genre & language they sing, if youd give them a chance you'll see that main stream artist's are just plain posers & are just lame. listen more to X-FRESH FM rather than ERA or HOT FM they just dont give you the right music to make you think larger.

thats about it, bye-bye..

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.


  1. hohoho...i think most of her songs are in english and dan sebenarnya is only a trial wrote a malay song for her.

    yuna was already popular before this and i still remember going to her gig last year and there are massive of people waiting for her performances. So perhaps those who only listen to mainstream radio notice of her after they play that song.

    gagagaga...waiting for a malay lady gagap!
    diana danille mcm seswai...