Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Love Story?

hahax.. dont worry just another stupid title. didnt know what title to put up. So SPM ended, for me it was on the 10th of december but still it ended right? its sad that my school years really have ended. its the only time to have real fun in life(as a kid). Dont know when i'm gonna have the same friendship,fun,hyper,joyful and unforgetable times. anyhow just wish me luck so i can get into a university or something, i wanna take up directing so hopefully i get it. i dont wanna do anything that isnt in my interest.

i have a question to you guys, how do you know if you like a person as just liking or if you really love em? its really confusing isnt it? been through this alot, made a wrong choice before and i dont want to go through it again. regret is a very stressful feeling. i really wanna be in love like in the movies(fantasy again), finding your one and true love and soulmate then live happily ever after. but of course thats a fairytale, but still i want to have my own soulmate a person that can make me happy and make me feel better when i'm sad. sometimes i'm scared that he is right there in front of me but i never notice, loosing something that precious will make me regret till death. well, thats enough love talk. i guess you guys have your own idea of how love is like and stuff.

so enough of mushy stuff, lets talk up music and stuff. lately lots of bands been adding me up, they come from all parts of the world(us,uk,germany,finland and lots more). you can check em out on my friend page on myspace, some of em play acoustic,screamo,punk-ish,emo,raggae and all sorts so if you could give a second and check em out i'm sure they'll love it. and they love to write to so you can comment with the band mates well thats about it i'll write up when i'm bored and have free time. so till next time heres ave signing out!!

Love and Kisses,

Ave The Strange.

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