Tuesday, March 3, 2009

volcano disaster!

hye guys!
this has been a very "sucky" week. we had sports day, that has come & gone & now we are having an exam(yey!?) well thats all thats happening in my school tough, my life is just as wonderful. a pile of laundry in the basket that hasn't been clean 4 days.. & i'm gonna attend to it later(not important).

the worst is, since a few days ago there are a few "zits" suddenly appearing on my face & my face cream isnt really helping! its starting to look like a volcano, & that is a really big problem(is it?) well i'm gonna think 4 a cure soon. hate a red stain on a white cloth.

and a good news 4 me, the music commity are gonna have an audition soon for a band. & i'm gonna help them search some tallents in the school! (thats gonna be fun, i love being simon!) hikhik.. its tottaly gonna be like american idol. well thats all, wish me luck 4 the examination!

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