Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Such A Stupid Thing To Forget!

hye everyone, i dont have that much to tell. but honestly, after what had happened this afternoon i knew i had to blog it!

well it was a normal day as always & today my brother would be picking me up at school. so i waited until mostly all the students left before texting him to pick me up, when he came i jumped on the motorcycle without hessitation & was ready to leave. the my brother told me to hold his cigerret while he was driving(is it called driving with motorcycles?) anyway, i hold it for him & forgot that i was wearing a school uniform, & obviously wearing a scarf to school & the cigerret was in my hand. we went through the back root( thank god!). i was kind of wondering why everyone was looking at me curiously & with a dark kind of look, i was a god damn girl with a cigerrete on my hand (WTF!) it was such a humiliating thing to me, & i know my friends are going to laugh at me(loudly).

well thats about it, i hate what happened but it was pretty funny too..

Till Next Time,

Ave The Strange

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