Friday, July 24, 2009

wah!! at last!!


i'm writing again, its been like, what? 2 months or so?? i'm getting blog sick.. :)) i miss wrinting, sometimes i think i'm going to take up english composition so i could become an author. but then i dont think Malaysian like to read, well there r some who do like to read "like me" but its not enough market to get your life up & going. so i'm just doing what i wanted, that is performing arts. people are taking notice of art now and i am very glad they are. people who are art blind are people with no heart, they dont know how to appreciate good stuff.

other than that, i'm quiete happy with my life now. i'm going to have my SPM exams in like 2-3 more moths and my stomach get all wierd like somethings wrong with it when its really fine. i dont think i'm ready to have this exam that will change the corse of wy life. god i wish they never created this bloody exam. but still just got to go with what u have.

i'm happy to say that my private life is very "okey"(i guess??) but still the school stuff gets me cranky from time to time. but after finishing the twilight saga novels i felt better. i think i learnt something good from it, everytime we go through hardship there will always be a good thing at the end of it.. like when a mother gets pregnent she goes through hardship, she has to carry her baby for 9 months and takes the risk to die when giving birth(a really rare thing to happen in this high-tech time) but still she goes through it and gets a miracle at the end, a beautiful & wonderful child. so i think my hardship now will give me a miracle at the end. no matter what religion you are, it still gives this kind of moral value(right?) never give up what you do, & something good will come from your hardwork.

well, i think i've written a long blog?? but still, i feel a great reliefe after writing this..
if your bored or have ideas send it to me.. i'm starting to write lyrics to now, so want a song written? give me your thoughts..(that sounded wierd) :))

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

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