Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Penang best!

hye, its me again. i'm back from penang & it has been an exausting & hyper fun holiday! me n my friend (finie) went everywhere(i think?). i got to meet with my friends there & most shocking my classmate & she sits just beside me in class! i didnt even know she was going to penang. the wierdest thing is, she went to penang cuz her cousin was getting married & i was staying at my friends house at a marine quarters, & the celebration(KENDURI) was held there. and none of us even noticed that until she called.

and while i was in penang i got to meet with my ex too. eventhough its been so long he seemed just the same, & we actually had a great time. none of us was swearing at each other it was just cool. so i'm pretty glad i went to see him too. other than that, i bought a new twilight novel which is so hard to find in Langkawi! was very happy when i bought it in QueensBay(QB).

the first day i was there, we went to hangout at my freinds working place. then went around penang. the second day we went to QB and look around so i could shop the next day. the third day was the best, i went shopping at QB, then went to Komtar, then 2 my friends school & to Padand Kota & lastly went to hangout near the sea( eventough we have alot af that in Langkawi).

well i guess thats about it, i am just blabering in this Blog, sorry bout that. but promise it'll get better next time, so bye!

Yours Truly,

Ave The Strange.

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