Friday, January 16, 2009

a beautiful day

what i did today was, shop new clothes, a new teddy, top up-ed, n ate at McD.

well i only bought one t-shirt, it was red in color but i don't have the picture to show 4 u..
it is red with a few pictures of music stuff and materials, it is cool in a kind of way to me, so i bought it.

the teddy in the other hand as u may see up there is very cute! i love it so much! well myra spotted it at first,but i bought it cuz i just really god damn wanted it. i just love the coordination of its color & the sculls. its just rockin n rolling!

other than those stuff i only had a good time today, but on the other hand really bf didn't reply my massages making me worry about him alot, is he okay? is he sick? i dont really know, he didn't even try to contact me. i hope he does it soon, cuz i'm worried sick about him. so that's about it i guess so bubye!

Yours trully,

Ave The Strange.

1 comment:

  1. cool...
    about the teddy with the skulls thingy...
    but i'm not into pink.. but still cool...

    about your bf, nothing to worry k dear?
    *Love Guardian Angel Honour*