Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lonely Valentine & Sports Day

today, i am going to write about UNimportant stuff that is going on in my life. what has happened is, i celebrated valentines day alone with no one by my side because my BF is too far away to come here. so he will redem his unthoughtful gesture by comming on my birthday. hopefully he does,cuz if he doesnt i'll burn his house n date his friend(hahax..just kidding ;p).i'm not gonna do those evil things, thats to unhealthy. it will be good though if i'm a vampire, i'll just suck his blood out. ok, now i'm just writing nonsense. other than that, my school is having its sports day & that means no school for 2 days(yey?). well its not that exciting, i just cant wait for the regionals cuz thats when we can have fun n party!! yeah~.

i'm sorry i havent been writing that much, i'm just busy doing these stuff:

  • homework
  • autocad projects
  • downloading new music
  • myspace
  • youtube
  • ym
  • music club
  • house work!
  • replying n answering calls from no. that i just dont know?
anyway, thats just whats happening. other than that, last night i had a nervous breakdown. i went crazy for no reason. its just that i'm so stressed out with everything that is happening know, my mom is pushing me to study 24/7, teachers not minding their own bussiness, friends thinking i dont want to be friends anymore & people who do not respect me when i respect them. overall i have been at the edge all these time, & last night i just went of the edge & fell when someone( i wont say who) has screwed up everything i worked for & my downloaded work has magically dissapered. so thats all, i wont write anymore stuff cuz its starting to get damn boring!

piece & bye2

Ave The Strange.

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