Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wednesday, can't think straight

i'm pretty stressed right now, my ex boyfriend keeps on texting me n calling me.
eventhough i avoid em, he still does. i hate him like hell right now. other than that,
i have been working out new vids 4 my new youtube account, n will b posting it soon enough.

i dont really know what 2 write now. well, i might as well tell you the meaning of my name.people keep pronouncing ave as "avy" & i hate it a lot,i keep telling them its ave. & that name came to life as i hate people saying that my normal fan name is like "guyish"(zz). so i took a sur name from my first name that is "aze". & that didnt sound right so i changed it to ave, & it kind of stucj till now. its been about 2 years of me using that name, & i feel comfortable using it.

other than that a few days ago, i have straighten my hair. & i'm pretty liking it, cuz i used my own money. nobody helped me on that. & i will be buying a new bag soon & some other stuff, & i will post it here 4 u 2 see & comment it if its nice or lame. & i'm pretty happy now cuz hopefully, we(me n my friends) will b releasing our community t-shirt on january YEAY!!

to those in Malaysia, it will b available here with Price RM30 & payment will b by bnking. & u can survay the designs on KITA page on myspace, & i will be posting it here on myblog.
wish me luck.
& about the song on my blog, its from the blockbuster movie TWILIGHT wich is the best movie this year. & the soundtrack is by Paramore, i love em alot!!
& lately i've been pretty bussy with my work, so i've been finding my spare time to do all of this.
i've stop using friendster & facebook. now i'm only on myspace,twitter,blogger n youtube.
so, i think thats about it then. will post more blogs later.

your sincere,

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