Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my first blg 4 my new account, yey!!

Hi all,
this is my 1st blog 4 this account.it'll be kinda about my life, & what's going on around me. so, mostly it also contains some of the events going on now.

4 today, i just subscribed a channel on youtube "Vlog Candy". u should check it out, its pretty cool. they've been making vid's 4 about a week now but, they r already a partner in youtube.so, i envy that cuz being in Malaysia doesnt allow me to be a partner on youtube.
i do have a channel on youtube, but its kinda crap.
so i'm making another one. so just wait 4 that.

enough of that, todays been the most boring day in my life.
i did'nt have anything to do, it was so lame. i only had fun teasing my brothers friend. "HAHA".

so thats about it so..
bye guys!!

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