Sunday, December 14, 2008


if u seen the tittle, you'll probably be wondering what its about. well, chipi2 is a word in brunei for "terhegeh2". & i got to know that word from my uncle & aunt from brunei, they r rockin! my aunt nabila bought me this cool necklace, i'll show u next time when i've got the time.
the pic up front is my aunt n uncle, its my uncle azlan's birthday a few days ago. & we had a superb dinner at BON TON. i love the cheese cake there...
other than that, we went shopping yesterday at nike & other shops in lngkawi fair(people always mistaken it as a fun fare when actually its a mall).

i had the most boring day at work yesterday, i nearly slept there. it was hot, n lowsy day.
i kept on thinking about my crush(secret!!), cuz i had nothing good to do. hes so cute!! if my friend myra reads this, she'll tease me like hell! hehe. we'll he's a rockstar anyway, i bet he already has lots of cute fans :( so jealous right now.if u know bill kaulitz, he looks a lot more cuter than him(well thats what i think ;p)

enough of my crush!, if i write about him it will never end. i've been thinking for a while 2 cut my hair like my avatar on my IMVU, with pink dye. it'll be totally cool, i like pink & black boing together its lovely. right now, i'm having my luch break at home. so i took this time to write this CHIPI2 blog. & my vlog isnt going on really well, my camera has such a bad sound system & you'll hear my voice on n off, so sorry about that.

your sincere

ave the strange

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