Thursday, December 11, 2008

Its a new day.

well, i have nothing much 2 say in this blog.
its just a simple short list if what i did today(well, its past 12 so that makes it yesterday).

today, i really wanted to go out with my friend(myra). i had made plans with her, but i had to cancel. cuz i had to go to work, & that was a boring thing to do. i hate going to work, i dont do much but still i get pay'd so i pretty much dont care. i had such a boring day, & i met an old friend. that was kinda cool, cuz i havent met him in a while.

i just wanted 2 say, i pretty much hate lowsy weekdays. but i totally adore the weekends.
hopefully i will b going out this friday with myra. & maybe next week, i will be heading down 2 penang. i have to work, but still nobody said i cant have fun.

so thats about it, i need to go to sleep now.
this has been, the worst blog i've written yet. but i'll b improving it.
a little support from you guys will make it alot better.

yours sincere

ave the strange

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