Monday, December 29, 2008

bz & new year!!

Hye guys, its been really bz especially cuz schools about to start & other stuff. Langkawi has been bz cuz of school holidays, raya, xmas, & new year. so my jobs been tough lately, people kept pushing & wanted us to find rooms when we already told them all rooms are full. so that was a fcuk.

Other than that, my bf's phone is stolen & i couldnt contact him now.. :( its pretty sad i hate that alot!! i miss him, its been 2 days & it felt like years. today is my holiday so i have alot of time to b on9 & stuff.. if u guys have been contacting me through "twitter" i'm sorry but i havnt been on9 for some time. & if u were cntcting me through fb or fs i'm sorry i dont use them anymore. ;p

well new years getting so near!! & i'm getting ready to go out(not now) this new year. i already got the clothes lined up.. & i hope people wont look at me like a freak, cuz thats what they always do? erm.. i still dont know why they do so, like when the scarf trend was still new. i wore it to a celebration & everybody kept looking at me and saying things, but after a while they were following the trend too.. so thats crap!! i felt like, going and slap them on the face. but thats no use..
finally, i dont know who will be performing this year. last year we had hujan, & it was totally awesome!! this year i hope will be 2 times more outragious than last year. & i would like to wish to all who celebrate xmas, merry xmas(eventough its a little late) but have a merry one k?

so thats about it, i wrote a lot this time & hope u enjoyed my bittersweet blog of my little crappy life. so thats about it then. catch u lads next time, bye....

yours sincere,

ave the strange.

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