Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hye everyone!!

hye, its been a while since i wrote a blog.
so i've been thinking to make a video blog 4 my community on myspace that is 'KITA©', ive been thinking to make it like vlog candy.. where we can make, challanges every week, & our friends n members can make video responses & join the challanges.. so thats about that.
and my plan to release our t-shirts on christmas was riuned, cuz my friend couldn't make it. so thats lame, cuz i've planned everything.. and if you want to subscribe/ add our community on myspace, you could do so by entering this domain >>

well enough about the community, its raining outside. i pretty much hate rain as much as i love it. the same way i love a sunny day & sometimes hate it. my clothes are now wet, cuz i was'nt aware that it was raining earlier & i did'nt took it in. so other than that, i've been starting doing office work now, rather than going out & doing marketing as i always do.

my mom is so crazy right now, i got to log off..
i'll write more soon, i promise u that.. so bye..

your sincere

ave the strange

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