Saturday, December 13, 2008

my holiday

hye all, today was the best day ever!
i went out wth my friend myra n bought a new bag, i'd post the pic of it here. but my camera's bttry went out so i couldnt do so.
well, myra bought a new shirt. thats all about that.
we did some candid pic's, one of it is what u r seing up there..

well, when i was out. it was fun, but when i got home it was like hell.
the pc was so slow, n all my music files was cought with virus n r all gone.
i hated that a lot
it was a lot of collection of all my fave songs.

well i need to go to sleep, cuz this stuff r just giving me a headace..
so bubye n nunyte..

yours truly

Ave the strange

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