Friday, December 19, 2008

sorry for the late post!

hye guys,
sorry its been a while since i posted a new blog, its been a crazy week.
i have to do stupid works, got a new boyfriend, & i'm going out later.

so, first of all. i got a new idea 4 my class t-shirt, it'll be rockin.
and erm... i'm a blur right now, i dnt know what to say.
oh well, i might as well say something about my new bf, his name is hafix he is a lucky munky band member, he is so sweet & sensitive. he cares a lot about me, & that was what makes me atrracted to him. it has been only a week but, it seems like i've known him forever.
well, his band LUCKY MUNKY is a well known bnd here in Malaysia, they play a genre of ska,punk rock kind of music. they r pretty good.

so you can check em' out on myspace & here the music, they r doing a new recording to make it sound more better & will be releasing a new ep soon. so if you want something new & fresh you can check the lads out.

so thats about it, i dont know what to taip anymore & i'm late. i need to go out, myra & eyka are waiting & they r gonna kill me if they knew i was late bcuz of my blog. so we'll chatter again soon.

yours sincere

ave the strange

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