Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So hi, this is the second entry for this day alone.. WHAT? yeah thats right its the second blog entry! just wanted to talk about this website Chictopia which is a site for people who love fashion and share their style there on the site. You can vote for which ever photos you like and you could load up your own photo's to your blog and tag on what clothes and stuff that you are wearing. Its pretty fun! well at least thats what I think :P other than this site theres Lookbook.nu which is similar to chictopia (at least I think so), these sites are not just for girls they're also for guys too! there are quite a number of guys on the site and they sure are stylish. It doesnt matter if you wear a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops cuz thats your style. Its not about who's best dressed but just sharing your style, and you could shop and swap there too.. its a good place to look for inspiration when deciding on what to wear out sometimes. I have an account, when will you? go and sign up maybe i'll like your Photo too :D and that wraps up this update. Style UP!

Waiting for you,

Ave The Strange.

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  1. follow u..nice blog...love the pretty reckless as well :)