Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have A Break! Have A KIT KAT!

Hye guys, its 3 in the morning and i'm still running! i dont know why i'm not sleepy or even tired yet, its not like i had coffee or anything today. Well enough of the thoughtless chatter and lets get to the topic. Lately alot more Malaysian are making Vlogs on youtube and i think thats great! but still the number of vloggers are still small and i hope more would come up to voice out in their videos :) like i used to once upon a time. Other than the vlogger stuff, i love searching on girls who are wearing hijab and suprisingly there are alot that you could take as inspiring fashionistas! and alot more people are realizing that, and i love that alot more girls are starting to wear hijab but the thing is if you wanna wear it, WEAR IT! not just as a fashion thing, but because you really want to. I know how Malaysians love to follow trends and stuff but sometimes its kinda annoying knowing that its just for a short while. When Shuffling was in everyone shuffled even on the streets at Bukit Bintang, but now do you see anyone doing that? not really.. and the trend now is everyone must have a DSLR camera and take lame photos and adding marks like "mariaPhotography" and such just to show off? what is with all that? cant you just mark it with your name? you really need to type in those Photography words on too so people know its art? its actually really annoying! and everyone must ride fixie bikes too.. or they wont be in the click? and here we r at the last thing Hijab! people are getting more and more obsessed with Hana Tajima and such but why should you follow the trend if its for a short while? why cant you do things the way you want it? and wear whatever you want whenever you want? learn to be independant not dependant on what people think of you. I love wathing girls wear hijab but learn to love it and be a good Muslim dont use it as a tool to attract attention. That is all for this post, thats my take for the new trends the kids are following this days. Till next time!


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