Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just wanna runaway

havent written in a decade & lately i cant tell you how depressed i am & i havent really been myself lately, really feel like jumping off a bridge or just slashing my face with razors(thats how depressed i feel). & thanks to he is we for making me smile lately their songs are really nice & helps me get to sleep at night. i'm not realy gonna tell you guys about the major reason why i'm depressed cuz this time i feel its just killing me, im just gonna tell you guys about the small stuff that is making me depressed. Last month my lappy crashed and caused me to loose two of my major projects and caused me to repeat one of them that would cost me a few hundred ringgits thanks for nothing PC. & i need a new laptop too to top that off i need a camera too!! so adding it all up repeating subjct(not gonna tell you how much)+new lappy(about 4000)+a new camera(about 2000) = alot to think of. So thanks to some of my friends for cheering me up and making me feel alot more happier then i have been a few months, & thank you for all the other people that have been making me feel like crap cuz u guys are awesome & spectacular!! for now i dont think i'll be posting much & i wont be happy or jolly about anything so if anything good comes along i'll be sure to notify you guys. Thanks for reading & understanding.

Lots of love,

Ave The Strange.

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