Saturday, February 19, 2011

Press Play

hey guys, its February going on March and you know whats coming up in March? of course you dont why the hell would you know its my life not yours right? well for me March is the most wonderful month in the calender cause my big day is on March. YUP! you got that right my birthday is on March! + a few of my friends are celebrating their birthdays in that month too. other than that early this March me and a couple of my friends or should i say crew? are gearing up for our Music Video shoot for my final assignment on Video & Editing for those who do not know the song that i'm supposed to shoot, the song is Secret by One Republic. We're hoping that we would get the best video ect. but all depends on how well we do on set and how well I edit the video. our video features a member of the band Bourjuis who is also my big bro Joe and another from the band Hurly Burly which is also the vocalist of the band Ejoy and of course i wont forget to mention my homey Naze for being the leading actress in this vid. A few other friend of ours are also going to help and those (lucky?) guys are Raja!!! and Para (or so that is what i call him). we hope that our vid would get views if we post them on Youtube and of course Facebook. The vid is about a misunderstanding that happened between the character Audrey and her boyfriend Matt and if you wanna know the rest of the story you'd have to wait till the MV is released, i'm not gonna squeeze out the juice before it even develops so stay tuned for that!! well i think this post is way too long for other things that might happen this coming month just stay tuned and keep on reading chaps!


Ave The Strange.

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